I missed an increase

I really wish this were an April Fool’s hoax, but instead it’s yet another cruel joke played on Maryland taxpayers who will now be forced to cough up over $3 billion a year to satisfy Martin O’Malley’s lust for spending.

Just this morning the taxpayer watchdog Change Maryland came out with its newly revised summary of O’Malley’s 37 – yes, 37 – tax and fee increases enacted during his tenure. Here’s the sad list.

[gview file=”http://monoblogue.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Tax-Fee-v.3-3.30.13.pdf”]

Needless to say, Change Maryland head Larry Hogan had some biting criticism of the recent O’Malley move:

The Governor calls it the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act that will create jobs, end road congestion and create a 21st Century Transportation Network. I call it the Highway Robbery Act of 2013 – the 36th consecutive O’Malley tax hike that takes us to $3 billion removed annually from struggling Maryland families and small businesses which will cost us even more businesses, jobs and taxpayers.

Our top elected officials went to great lengths to avoid news coverage of the overwhelmingly unpopular gas tax by scheduling key announcements, committee votes and floor action on evenings and late Friday afternoons. The Governor led wind energy activists in chanting ‘give wind a chance,’ while the vast majority of Marylanders wish he would just give taxpayers a chance instead. Our top elected officials don’t know it yet, but they are sealing the deal for a tax revolt in Maryland.

Preferably that revolt will occur at the 2014 ballot box as many members of the free-spending majority party are relegated to the ash heap of history, replaced by common-sense conservatives who will give taxpayers a break and restore the state to a more business-friendly posture to promote real growth.

But it can’t be denied that the O’Malley administration has been good for Change Maryland’s business, as they note:

Change Maryland now has almost 35,000 members and has grown by nearly 10,000 since the most recent tax-raising legislative session began less than 90 days ago.

Bear in mind it was just under a year ago they were celebrating 12,000. Perhaps in a year’s time the cake as originally frosted will be correct.

Placed in terms we all can understand, though, Martin O’Malley’s $3.1 billion of annual tax increases – and this doesn’t count other increases in federal and local spending put into place since 2007 – are costing each and every Maryland man, woman, and child, black, white, Latino, Asian, legal, illegal, or anchor baby about 10 bucks a week or $500 a year. I don’t know about you, but to me that’s one Shorebirds game a week I couldn’t buy a ticket to. For others, as a lump sum, it might be that weekend getaway to Ocean City they cherish. Still others may see it as not being able to treat themselves to Italian ice a couple times a week – the point is, somewhere along the line the state deemed it wasn’t our money anymore, it was theirs.

Certainly some would argue this is the government we duly elected, and supposedly they share the same priorities we do. But if these moves were so broadly popular, as Change Maryland points out, why were they made at the end of the work week or in late-night votes? What were they trying to hide?

Of course no one is volunteering to pay more taxes than they have to, but we’re smart enough to know that there is a certain amount we have to chip in to keep the state functional in doing that which they are charged to do. But somewhere along the line we have crossed from a government performing essential functions to one trying for cradle-to-grave control over our lives, and that to me is a bridge too far.

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  1. Thats what happens when you corral blind sheep next to a cliff, Marylanders knew what the Dumbcrats were all about, they put us here for God sake, yet they reelect the fools back into office again. Christ look how many years Barbara Mikulski’s been stabbing Marylanders in the back, yet the old sow’s still there fighting against us, agreeing to every tax put in front of her, (Gas, alcohol, tobacco), not to mention pushing to take away our Constitutional rights, and allowing the UN to creep it’s way in on us at the Federal and state levels. The parties are no longer what they use to be back in the days of our parents and grand parents, it use to be The Dems were for the working class people and the Repubs were for the rich and industries, well not any more, though they both have their crooked agenda, the Repubs are now somewhat for the people, while the Dems are pushing us into Socialism/communism. Wanting us under the UN’s communistic rule, pushing the UN’s “Agenda 21” look it up, research it, Presidents from both sides have been signing this measure since G.W.H.Bush, it’s just that it hadn’t been pushed into effect until G.W.Bush and B.H.Obama. Everything that’s happened and is happening and is being pushed is ALL outline in this document. Breaking the backs of the American people is key for the UN’s global takeover. The USA has to VOLUNTEER to do this which Obama and the Dumbocrats are doing currently, starting with pushing the “small arms trade agreement”. Strange enough, MOST Americans don’t know what “Agenda 21” is. I suggest EVERYBODY begin looking it up and researching it. Obama and company is pushing for the federal level of Agenda 21, while Dumbocratic states like Maryland are pushing for the (MDA21)state and local ends of it. O’Malley and company are rapidly selling our souls to the devil, right under our noses. http://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/Agenda21.pdf (351 page UN document) or for MD from the examiner at the state level http://www.examiner.com/article/maryland-county-charts-a-path-out-of-agenda-21. I really suggest you all look it up and research it thoroughly! It’d be in your best interest and fight like mad to oppose it and ANYONE that supports it.

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