The problem with Lollar

There are a lot of people who are sticking a fork into Charles Lollar’s gubernatorial campaign. Some have been doing it for several months, while others are more recent converts. Assuming the latter piece by Jackie Wellfonder is true – and there’s no real reason to believe that it’s not – it’ll be interesting to know who will pay for Lollar’s pre-debate event tomorrow.

But there is something I want to bring up regarding how Charles has conducted his campaign; not in a financial sense but the target audience. There have been several occasions where I’ve heard Lollar talk about the locations he’s campaigned, and they’re not Republican strongholds. Places like Baltimore City or Prince George’s County, where the minority populations rarely hear a GOP viewpoint because they’re areas written off by the strategists. Yet we often hear that on certain issues, particularly school choice, the minority audience is very receptive to the GOP viewpoint – unfortunately for Republicans they tend to reflexively vote Democrat.

There are many who feel that Lollar has wasted his time in such areas, but I think he’s provided a good service to the party as a whole. Certainly he’s probably not in a position to secure the GOP nomination because he’s not going to reach many voters with a positive message when all the news about him seems to be bad, but it behooves us to act in such a manner to keep him on the team if he loses. I have no idea how well David Craig, Larry Hogan, or Ron George get along with Charles, but hopefully it’s well enough to both to allow him to remain unified with the eventual primary winner and keep the Lollar supporters on the Republican team in an election where all hands are needed on deck. Unfortunately, I keep hearing that if one particular candidate wins, a fair number will stay home or leave the gubernatorial ballot blank in November. Remember, it’s very likely that our nominee will be elected by plurality based on polling results.

When the smoke clears on June 24, there will be three losers and just one winner when it comes to the nomination. Everyone believes they have a path to victory, but in reality it’s probably a two-man race at this point. As always, the trick with contested primaries is to make sure the losers stay unified with the winners. If the supporters of the losing Democrats want to take their ball and go home, that’s up to them, but I want to win as many elections as possible in Maryland for the conservative team.

So Charles should be commended for his work taking the message to places where it’s not normally heard. Win or lose, I hope he keeps on doing so.

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  1. That one stand-out candidate is Hogan, and I will not support him because he’s not even remotely conservative, his supporters have dismissed the activist base of the party, he himself has blown off the party, and he’s tried to replace all that with money.

    Which leaves him with nothing for the general.

    I’ll work with other candidates in the general election, including Exec. Craig and Del. George. Their campaigns have been more than “I’m rich, vote for me.”

  2. Perhaps the critics of Lollar should try harder not to make absolute fools of themselves in the process.

    I saw this on face book and it seems to jive with your post.:

    “I would like to personally thank Brian Griffiths for the hilarious article on Red Maryland today.

    However, I would like to give him a few pointers. I personally am not, and have never claimed to be a professional writer. I make mistakes all the time – but when you are absolutely trashing another person for their mistakes…..I would suggest proofreading.

    “his campaign received the horrible grade, in no small part due to the survey his campaign received and the language listed on the campaign website regarding his support for firearms databases.”

    This sentence does not make sense.

    Not one Lollar supporter said there was a “conspriacy” however they did talk about a conspiracy.

    When you are saying someone said something verbatim you may not want to spell it “verbaitm”.

    Lollar has never and will never file “appropraite” paperwork for anything as that is not a word.

    While the campaign staff might have been less than stellar – they did not at anytime “staffed engaged in ugly,gutter politics”

    When trying, and emphasis on trying, to be professional and be taken seriously its best not to speak in hoodrat. “Lollar has basically be running for Governor for five years”. I think you meant “been”. Its only two letters , I know, but they make a big difference. Was this piece originally meant for the ghetto Baltimore Sun?

    When stating that someone’s “campaign has been one gaffe followed by another gaffe, with each time Lollar eithe failing to take responsibility for the gaffe or refusing to take corrective action.” might I suggest the delete button for taking corrective action in this post?

    Again – I sincerely thank the federally employed and mentally deranged Brian Griffiths for supplying me with this laugh today. Go brush up on some real blogs such as Joseph F. Steffen ‘s Darkness Revisited ( , Jeff Quinton’s Quinton Report ( and Michael Swartz monoblogue ( . But get out of the political pool kiddo – its time for adult swim. And if you are very good, and study really hard, maybe one day well let you back in – but only if you wear floaties.

    (Disclaimer – None of the people mentioned had a thing to do with this post, they are just examples of bloggy excellence)”

  3. A Republican can’t win. After the election, ‘ol Orlando’s going to be on the Monoblogue singin’, “Ah toda so.”

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