Harris slates Fruitland townhall for Tuesday

Unlike many of his counterparts, our Congressman Andy Harris is holding another town hall meeting during the “District Work Period.” His announcement was simple:

Dear Michael,

I’m hosting a town hall event in Fruitland on Tuesday to let you know about the work I’m doing in Washington and answer questions you may have about important issues like Obamacare, immigration, the NSA, government spending, and jobs. The event will be at Black Diamond Catering and Lodge (219 S Fruitland Blvd) starting at 5:30 PM.

I hope to see you on Tuesday!

Whether I’ll be able to make that early time depends a lot on how my outside job goes. But among the laundry list of items he cites, the NSA jumps out at me. Andy was one of those who voted for the Amash amendment, which was intended to curb the NSA and their domestic spying program. Of all the issues facing the nation in this session of Congress, that may have split the body most as far-left liberals rubbed shoulders with TEA Party conservatives in supporting Justin Amash.

So as long as no one in a chicken suit shows, things should be heated similarly to his Bel Air townhall. It will be interesting to see what media shows up, won’t it?

One thought on “Harris slates Fruitland townhall for Tuesday”

  1. I can think of one particular cockroach that will probably crawl into the event with a camera in its paw…

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