Leadership turnover in Maryland House

Of course, it’s not with the Democrats.

This was supposed to happen several weeks ago during session, but cooler heads prevailed and pushed the vote back to last night. All it did, though, was delay the inevitable and this time Delegate Nic Kipke won. Instead of Delegate Michael Smigiel as second-in-command, though, the new Minority Whip will be Delegate Kathy Szeliga. They replace the old leadership team of Delegates Tony O’Donnell and Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio, which had held their respective Minority Leader and Minority Whip positions since 2007 and 2011, respectively.

And like Delegate Ron George’s announcement last night, it seems like the center is striking back. With O’Donnell being fairly conservative in philosophy – at least as evidenced by his voting record – Kipke leaves a lot of room for improvement; in fact, for as much grief as I gave Delegate George for his choices, Kipke’s have been even worse every year since I started the mAP in 2007, and for many of the same reasons. Yet when I hear Mike Busch saying “Tony did a good job of providing the loyal opposition,” I wonder if the change wasn’t needed.

On that note, Kipke is pledging to work with center-right groups like Americans for Prosperity, Change Maryland, and the central committees to “coordinate the GOP’s push for support.” We won’t find out if this bears fruit, though, until next January.

At that point Nic may have to be the circus master as Delegates eyeing new districts or higher office add their political calculations to the already volatile mix of session business.

One thought on “Leadership turnover in Maryland House”

  1. Surprising. I have never been called a centrist or a moderate. I lead the fight against taxes every year as I serve on the ways and means. I fight for free enterprise with every challenge to it that comes. I headed. Pro-life national home school groups. I lead the fight and won in 2009 to keep illegals from getting drivers licenses. I introduced one of the first divest terror bills in the nation and after other states copied my bill and the governor was criticized he waited for my updated version, stole it, shrunk it to just the Iran energy sector, took off my name, put his on it and signed it. Frank Gaffney from the Reagan administration can testify to that. Ed Meese does events for me and endorsed me. I was an early member of the Eagle Forum with Phyllis Shafly. I have been endorsed by John Bolton. I have worked with the Heritage Foundation for many years.
    I am here to fight for conservative principles and you should feel free to call be anytime. I was not going to announce until June but the press got wind of it so I answered them briefly. As for pols on name recognition, I have them.
    Look forward to speaking with you. Call my store, Ron George Jewlers 410-353-2380.
    Ron George

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