Friday night videos – episode 35

Oh yeah, this one should be good. I’m liking the way this is shaping up already.

I’ll begin with a leftover from last weekend. You know how I celebrated Memorial Day weekend, but my blogging friend Bob McCarty found one man’s ultimate tribute to the veterans in his family and across the nation – a restored 1971 Mustang.

I found this fascinating as well. You know, we’ve all been transfixed by the Deepwater Horizon disaster, but, as former Virginia Governor George Allen explains, we have other energy resources which are being ignored.

But it’s government regulation which keeps us from accessing our resources, and the unpredictability of Washington is scaring some investors. Businessman Steve Wynn was on CNBC recently making his case.

So he’s going to reallocate his operations because China – a nominally Communist nation – is more predictable and friendly to business than our nation. Shameful.

Then again, in this video from CEI we see government run amok. While they bill the video as humorous, is this really all that far-fetched?

The cold hard reality of our economic future is detailed in this short piece.

Yes, we are basically making money out of thin air, tangling ourselves hopelessly in a web of debt.

I referred to this video earlier today in an Examiner piece, but financial crunches are affecting government all the way down to the local level. While I find there’s a little too much grandstanding in this example, the problem is real.

Maybe we all should just say screw it and rock. Ballyhoo! is an Aberdeen-based band soon to embark on another national tour of clubs and the occasional opening slot for other artists. They’re already popular on the college circuit as this video from a University of Delaware stop shows (some language NSFW).

A nice, summery groove. Can’t be dead serious all the time, can we? Until next time, enjoy the weekend.

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