Muir Boda for County Council

Muir Boda Ad 160 WideIf you have only one vote in the Republican primary for County Council at-large here in Wicomico County, make it count. Vote for Muir Boda.

This year’s at-large County Council election is unique in two respects: first, it features two candidates who have already served four years on County Council in John Cannon and Matt Holloway. Secondly, unless there is a strong write-in campaign, a Republican is assured of winning at least one of the two seats because the Democrats only fielded one candidate, Salisbury City Council member Laura Mitchell.

To me, Cannon and Holloway are akin to peas in a pod. Both have earned the reputation as being the moderate Republican swing votes on a Council which desperately cried out for conservative leadership. Obviously one of them has to be nominated since there are two slots, but the winner between those two is not nearly as important as making sure Muir advances to the next round.

I’ve known Muir since before he first ran for office five years ago, and he’s always impressed me as earnest, down-to-earth, and willing to work hard to solve problems. I was happy to vote for him as one of my endorsed City Council candidates in 2011 (had I lived in the city in 2009, he would have received my vote that year as well) because I believed he would add a voice of sanity to the body, and with a County Council that will feature a lot of new faces – including at least four new members since Gail Bartkovich, Bob Culver, Stevie Prettyman, and Sheree Sample-Hughes are departing for retirement or for other offices – having someone with his understanding of the working man’s perspective will be important.

Crime is Muir’s biggest issue, and for good reason: he sees it on a daily basis as part of his job. Boda is a believer in the High Point Initiative, which is being instilled by Matt Maciarello and other members of the law enforcement community, but would like to take it further with another unique idea worth considering and discussing.

As many know, Muir ran for Congress as a Libertarian in 2012, and served for several years as an officer in the Maryland Libertarian Party. One might consider him an opportunist for changing to the GOP for this election, but as for me I see this as a welcome change. We need new, younger blood in the local party and this is one opportunity to put a good, thoughtful conservative on County Council. He and District 2 candidate Marc Kilmer can be the building blocks to a conservative rebirth in Wicomico County, but the hardest step will be his getting through the primary with two opponents who certainly have more of a bankroll than Muir does.

But it can be done, with your help. Let the chips fall where they may for slot number 2, but let’s make sure Muir Boda makes the November ballot – even if you have to “bullet vote” and leave a choice blank.

Oh, and just to answer the question surely to come: this is a personal endorsement, and not one with my Central Committee hat on.

7 thoughts on “Muir Boda for County Council”

  1. Boda is like a fly drawn to honey — can’t resist being a candidate and spouting platitudes that make him seem conservative. But he never speaks or even shows up at meetings to take a public position on issues.

    For example: Does he support Pollitt’s plan to subsidize the new home impact tax with money from the reserve funds rather than suspending that tax as Bob Culver has proposed. And what about Pollitt’s proposed tax increase in the 2015 budget?

    Not sure we need another unknown on the Council.

  2. Tulsa,
    I may not attend every meeting do to current work schedules but I do review what is said and the meeting notes. If elected, I do have the flexibility with my job to attend all meetings.

    As far as the two issues that mentioned, I support Bob Culver’s alternative to suspend the fees. I oppose dipping into our fund balance to offset it.

    I oppose Rick Pollitt’s proposal for tax increases. I believe in creating policies that encourage growth which in turn will expand the tax base.

    My political philosophy tends to lean Anarcho-Capitalist. Milton Friedman and Ludwig Von Mises are two of my heros.

  3. Mr. Boda —

    Then how come you have not come to thre meetings and stated your position and argued for it.?

    That way we could be sure where you stand.

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