Boda picks up another endorsement

See, it’s not just me. And even though he won’t have a vote, District 37B Delegate candidate Johnny Mautz weighed in with his endorsement of Wicomico County Council at-large hopeful Muir Boda.

I am proud to announce my full support and endorsement of Muir Boda for the Wicomico County Council. Muir is a close family friend and someone I believe will be an exceptional leader on the County Council.

Muir’s focus on reducing crime, strengthening the local school system, reviving the local economy, defending the revenue cap, and protecting property rights, show his local knowledge and passion for issues most relevant to Wicomico County.

Also, his family is intertwined with the history of the Eastern Shore. He knows and will respect our heritage and he will do what he can to help working men, women and small businesses in Wicomico County.

I am proud to call Muir a friend. I am looking forward to working with him on issues affecting Wicomico County and I encourage Wicomico County voters to cast a vote for Muir Boda for Wicomico County Council.

The Mautz backing is really no surprise given that Boda endorsed Mautz back in April, noting that he was a “close family friend.” But it wouldn’t hurt to have that tie-in because Johnny looks like the strongest candidate in the 37B field among those outside Wicomico County – state regulations stipulate that in a district such as 37B, only one can serve from a particular county. In short, only one of the two running from Wicomico County can advance to November so a candidate from either Dorchester or Talbot County will win the other slot. There’s also the possibility Wicomico could be shut out in the 37B race.

But what Boda needs most now is monetary assistance. While none of the candidates have a lot of money in the bank at the moment, this is a campaign where a lot can be raised and spent in the last four weeks before the election. On payday I’m writing a check to Muir, and you should too.

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