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Perhaps you didn’t know this – I know Julie Brewington picked up on it after I shared this among my Facebook friends – but I was quoted in yesterday’s Gazette regarding the Maryland GOP’s Rule 11 controversy which has been simmering since May. Reporter C. Benjamin Ford also spoke to fellow blogger Ann Corcoran of the Potomac Tea Party Report, who had the better quote, “What the tea party movement has opposed is this whole concept of sneaky politics, the backroom deals.”

That was my objection from the start. Why should three people make the decision best left to the voters of the First District (for Andy Harris) or the whole state (Bob Ehrlich)? Not saying they aren’t good candidates, but some may prefer the alternatives presented. It’s true that we may not to be able to “tip the scale” but we can send a message.

I just wish he’d quoted me right – I’m “barely left of militia” according to my Facebook page. I do say that tongue-in-cheek to an extent but I’m quite conservative in my outlook. So read the article and see whether you agree.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    As you know, I’m originally from NY, where the state GOP leadership has a very long history of putting its thumbs on the scales in favor candidates they like. The result more times than I care to count has been that voters who felt the process was unfair bolted and voted for third party candidates, and Democrats cruised to victory. It has been a disaster for NY; it isn’t a model we should adopt here in Maryland.

    I commend you for your commitment to support the nominee, whoever it turns out to be, but I’m really, really disturbed by Ms. Corcoran’s refusal to do the same. Both Ehrlich and Murphy have their flaws, but either of them would be much, much better than O’Malley. I also don’t think Ms. Corcoran is doing her chosen candidate any favors with such comments– should Mr. Murphy be our nominee, it won’t help him to bring Ehrlich supporters on board if Ehrlich supporters remember that some Murphy supporters were prepared to bolt.

    I was at a GOP event yesterday where both Charles Lollar and Collins Bailey spoke. Both reiterated their longstanding commitment to support the other, should they win the primary. Everyone at the event, regardless of who they are supporting, felt exactly the same way. It’s getting rid of Steny that matters. Messieurs Bailey and Lollar and their supporters have set an example the two gubernatorial candidates and their supporters would be well advised to adapt.

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