Strong words

Give this a look. It’s interesting that gubernatorial candidate Charles Lollar chose this particular venue as a stop on his announcement tour. This speech was given at the Hudson farm in Worcester County.

As a “freedom-loving, pursuit of happiness” citizen, it’s also interesting that Charles has committed to doing a separate fundraiser for the Hudson family and their legal bills from the Waterkeepers’ suit.

But I wanted to compare and contrast the Lollar tour (which I unfortunately missed out on because of a heavy workload at my outside job) and the David Craig announcement tour three months ago. The Lollar tour certainly had a larger number and more varied stops than Craig’s did, with Lollar seeming to focus more on private businesses and on the college audience – all four days had a college stop planned within. Lollar made his pitch at the University of Maryland’s main College Park campus, the Baltimore County campus in Catonsville, at Bowie State University in Bowie (a last-minute addition, apparently) and here in Salisbury at Salisbury University.

Neither Craig nor Lollar drew amazingly huge crowds, though. And not having witnessed the SU event, I obviously have no idea how many elected officials were there to greet Charles. But I suspect Lollar’s campaign – at least to start – isn’t going to be about the photo-ops and glad-handing with local elected officials which seemed to punctuate Craig’s local event in June. Then again, it’s a contrast in styles, as David Craig is running based on his experience in the political world as mayor, General Assembly member, and county executive while Lollar is making his leadership case based on time served in the military and in private industry. (Ron George could be the hybrid in that respect – a small business owner turned into a politician.)

Now some have picked on the minor snafu of Lollar’s bus having a Delaware tag, but this brings up the bigger question of how well the tour went. At least on a local level, it seemed to attract a modest amount of notice from the media but that’s to be expected.

It’s a shame I had to miss it, but I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of any of the three major gubernatorial candidates around these parts.

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