A winner’s ad

Now this is a good political advertisement. It’s not overly negative, but promotes a message that we have the chance to correct our mistakes. Cede no ground, baby!

“I believe in America. I believe those successes are right around the corner.” Now that’s a true friend talking.

I look at the whole situation this way. For too long, people have written off Republicans in Maryland because it’s such a hopelessly Democratic state. But political pundits and the so-called conventional wisdom fail to ask the key question: aren’t people tired of the same old thing?

Don’t people get worn out having to deal with the same problems year after year: higher and higher taxes, more cronyism and corruption in government, and a worse quality of life as things fall apart? Why are our children not being as well educated, anyway? Isn’t the American Dream that of your kids having a better life? What happened to it?

Listen, I tend to blame one political party for many of our faults, but in countless ways it’s really the fault of all of us. Shame on us for ¬†just simply going with the lesser of two evils, or the guy whose name they know but one for whom they couldn’t name a single accomplishment, or the one who looks like such a great guy on TV as opposed to the guy they’ve never heard of because they don’t do their political homework. If ignorance is bliss, then we must be the most politically happy people in the world.

We may get the government we deserve, but it’s not the government I want. This shouldn’t be the government you want, either. We can do better; we’ve tried it their way for eighty (almost) uninterrupted years and one has to agree this experiment in liberty created by our Founding Fathers has been botched, with the only question now remaining (and the one to be answered in this election) being whether the decline is reversible or, indeed, whether the experiment is even redeemable at all.

This Dan Bongino guy deserves a chance, and while some may rightfully argue he’s untested in the ways of politics, I would have a lot more faith in someone who made an honest living putting his life on the line for another man than one who has lived off the good graces of the electorate via a familiar surname for over 4 1/2 decades. What have we really received from career politicians anyway?

It’s time for average people to truly have a voice, and this video should have a helluva lot more views than the 150 or so it had when I embedded it. So let’s get to work.