Another leaves the MDGOP Chair race

I’ve learned today that after exploring the possibility and discussing it with a number of others in and out of Maryland politics former Delegate and 2010 candidate Carmen Amedori is taking a pass on the MDGOP Chair race. Instead, she plans to “concentrate on getting gains in the Party down here right now as a member of the Worcester County Central Committee.”

“I have many things on the burners. It would be something that needs 100% of someone’s time,” she continued.

Like any similar race, the final few days have seen the field whittled down significantly; however, one oddity is that all three contenders currently living here on the Eastern Shore (Andrew Langer, Eric Wargotz, and Amedori) have withdrawn from consideration. It leaves a field of either three or four men and one woman in the race, with most coming from the center of the state. (Former Senator Alex Mooney hasn’t decided yet whether to run for Chair or 1st Vice-Chair; if he runs for Chair it would add a little geographical diversity.)

So the field narrows and the odds change again.

In other news, I was informed by former Wicomico County Executive candidate John Wayne Baker that he’s switched allegiance to the Republican Party. I’d like to personally welcome him and invite any others who believe in conservative principles to follow John.

As one example why, if you follow this site at all you know we’re having a healthy discussion about who should lead our party. Those other guys had their leadership dictated by Governor O’Malley – Susan Turnbull was installed at his behest. That doesn’t seem very democratic. On the other hand, we are being very republican as your elected party representatives will vote on the party leadership.

Just because those other guys control the levers of power and seem to be unaccountable is no reason to stay. As we saw last month, politics isn’t forever.


6 Responses to “Another leaves the MDGOP Chair race”

  1. RightCoastGirl on December 3rd, 2010 6:02 pm

    Holy Moly. They can’t give it away!

  2. Austin Nichols on December 3rd, 2010 6:03 pm

    Before you go pointing fingers at the dems for being undemocratic, remember that your chair was dictated by the GOP governor at the time… Same thing happens at the federal level.

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  4. Michael on December 3rd, 2010 10:33 pm

    But I presume it was placed to a vote at the 2002 convention. Perhaps there was only one contender but it was still a vote. (This was before my time on the Central Committee, or in Maryland for that matter.)

  5. […] Swartz at Monoblogue is reporting that Carmen Amedori has withdrawn as well.  So Michael, when are you going to re-do […]

  6. Patriotic on December 4th, 2010 4:22 pm

    Sam Hale is from Silver Spring, but spent five years on the shore earning his graduate and undergraduate degree at Salisbury. He is as close to eastern shore as we’re going to get!

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