Wargotz: ‘I will forgo this unique opportunity’

Certainly, some movement conservatives and GOP purists will rejoice at this news but this also helps pave the way for the favorite in the MDGOP Chair race. Eric Wargotz had this to say yesterday:

“I am both humbled and honored to have many central committee members, and supporters rallying me to run for the Chairman position.  The past couple of weeks have been spent carefully considering this opportunity to lead our State party.

The upcoming term presents much opportunity for the Maryland Republican Party to focus its message and thus make substantive gains. Hopefully, a sharpened one carefully crafted based on traditional Conservative values with a goal towards truly achieving a two-party system in our great State. 

In conjunction with family, friends, supporters and trusted advisors I have reached the conclusion that although I am up for the challenge of leading this effort as Chairman, I will forgo this unique opportunity at this time as I continue to strongly consider a run for elected office in the near future.

Thus, I offer my sincere congratulations to all nominees for Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party.  I pledge my support, time and energy in assisting the new Chairman and the incoming Officers and Executive Board. Furthermore, I will continue to work with the Republican Party and others to promote core Conservative values in Maryland and throughout the Nation.”

In the short term, this probably helps the chances of Mary Kane more than anyone since my suspicion is that much of Eric’s support will gravitate toward her. But I think this will also give Alex Mooney the excuse to make his final decision whether to go for Chair or 1st Vice Chair. I’ll certainly be reviewing the odds later today.

Yet there is a longer-term implication to this. The MDGOP bylaws clearly state “(n)o individual may either hold or seek elected public office while serving as an officer of the party.” While Eric has more statewide name recognition and theoretically wouldn’t need to spend time introducing himself to voters, the 2012 campaign beckons and again there’s an U.S. Senate seat up for election, held by Ben Cardin. (In theory, he could also run for Congress if he wants to take on a GOP incumbent, but I doubt he would do that.) With the primary held somewhere in February or March, Eric would probably only be Chair for a matter of months before resigning to seek office.

To me, it’s the clearest indication yet that he’s going to try again, and perhaps it’s a shot across the bow at competition – remember, members of the General Assembly can run ‘from cover’ in 2012, not risking their seats should they be unsuccessful.

In any event, I can scratch another name off the list.

In other news, I just got off the phone with Sam Hale and he told me I’ll have his answers to my questions for the new Chair later today. What sayeth the rest of you in the race – are you chicken? Afraid to answer queries from a voter?

Be aware I meet with a pretty significant voting bloc in the race tomorrow. I know one other contender will be at this meeting in person, so you might wish to take some time today to gather your thoughts. Just saying.

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2 thoughts on “Wargotz: ‘I will forgo this unique opportunity’”

  1. I just read this elsewhere and agree wholehartedly:

    “This is disappointing news to be sure. Eric would make an excellent Chairman. In office and on the campaign trail he has proven that he understands how to organize and build coalitions, raise money, evaluate and execute plans. These are but a few,among his talents. A Conservative with sensitivity is what we need in Maryland. Not some rabid dog. Eric has struck me and countless others as just that. This guy is capable of doing remarkable things and I will support him in any future political endeavors. ”

    Furthermore, Wargotz may be criticized for having been a member of the Dem party for a couple of years (frankly Murphy and Rutledge bothe were Democrats for their entire lives until a decade or two ago but we don’t see blogging about that – I happen to also like both of them as well) and I do not condemn anyone for having been one. There are conservatives in both – no one party has ownership over core traditional values. Eric would have proved to be an excellent chairman. He is honest and has integrity. His views on the Constitution are right-on and he doesn’t hide behind such founding documents and merely spew rhetoric.

    Best of luck Dr. Wargotz! You have our support.

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