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By popular demand, I have updated the sidebar to add the ‘undercard’ candidates for the MDGOP as those dance cards are filling quickly. I’m not aware of any ‘slates’ but I would presume there are those each remaining Chair candidate would prefer to work with over others. Nor do I see any new faces making a last-minute bid to jump in for the Chair position – yes, it could happen but I think this is the field we’re working with.

I have quite a bit to get done tomorrow, but one thing I’m going to attempt to do is revise my odds in a new post reflecting the myriad changes over the last few days – let’s just say things are working out well for the favorite.  Just think what next week will bring (besides a whole slew of messages to me both through e-mail and snail mail.)

I also have two responses to my questions with a third sort of partial response, so I will be sharing those in the next few days. Readers have a lot to look forward to next week, and I’ll be covering it as best I can.

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  1. My money is on the following: Mary Kane, Diana Waterman, Larry Helminiak, Patt Parker, John Wafer, Chris Rosenthal…

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