Troopathon 6 broadcast

Video streaming by Ustream

Hopefully this works: it’s seat of the pants blogging at its finest since I had to modify the embed code to suit.

Update: At the end of their live broadcast (11 p.m. Eastern time) they had raised $321,041. It’s short of their $400,000 goal but there is probably some counting to do as well. As I recall, though, they are in better shape than they were last year as far as reaching their goal.

A new experiment

In theory I could try this here but I think I’ll have a more interesting outcome on my Red County site. Later this afternoon I’ve scheduled a live blog of the RNC Chairmanship Debate, which will take place at┬ámy Red County Wicomico site beginning at roughly 12:45 p.m.

So I’m inviting all of those interested and who have a chance to watch onboard to participate. If nothing else, it’ll give me a chance to try this technology!

Late note: There is a pre-debate Straw Poll ongoing at As of this writing, over 700 votes are in with Ohio’s Ken Blackwell and Maryland’s Michael Steele the two clear leaders.