Wicomico GOP to host debate watching party

This information comes to me from super-volunteer Cynthia Williams at our local GOP headquarters.

Joining thousands of other entities on both sides of the election, the Wicomico County GOP will host a Presidential Debate watching party at their headquarters on Wednesday night, October 3rd. The fun of watching Mitt Romney make mincemeat of Barack Obama – who will really have to try hard to sneak a teleprompter into the room to have any chance – begins at 8 p.m. with a short talk from local Romney campaign Chair Bonnie Luna about her experiences at the national convention in Tampa. (By the way, she didn’t come up with the “mincemeat” and teleprompter comments – those were mine – but I’m sure she would approve of the editing.) What Cynthia actually said was:

Please join us for this evening of fun, food, camaraderie and to watch Mitt set the record straight and prove to the rest of the country that he is the BEST choice to be our next President!

The debate itself will begin shortly after 9:00.

Williams also notes that “some folks have asked if they can bring snacks on Wednesday…any contributions of drinks/sweets/snacks are welcome!!!  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call Cynthia’s cell at 410-422-3870.” (They will have some to start, but why not help out and bring a little more?)

The local Republican headquarters is located at 800 South Salisbury Boulevard, directly across from the Giant food store.

Author: Michael

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