A successful festival

This is probably not going to be a long post, in part because it would step on the toes of tomorrow’s topic. But I wanted to make special mention about what happened this weekend at the Delmarva Chicken Festival.

As is often the case with these events, I assist in coordinating the local GOP presence there. What that normally entails is securing the tent itself and the help. The former is easy because a member of our Central Committee is gracious enough to lend us his tent, table, and chairs, but the latter is difficult because oftentimes I have to sign up people well in advance and they tend to forget or find that their plans change.

So I have to hand it to Dan Bongino and his campaign staff, because their volunteers stepped up to the plate in a big way over the last two days, with the icing on the cake being a solid four hours with the candidate himself present. And he didn’t stay anchored to the booth; instead, he walked the grounds and introduced himself to an audience which may or may not be eligible to vote for him (many in attendance came from Delaware) but should have been impressed by his personable nature. Obviously most weren’t prepared to debate him on real issues.

But thanks to Dan I had volunteers out the wazoo for most of the day, and I wish some of the other campaigns would have assisted in a similar way. I realize this was a busy weekend all around, but hopefully the Salisbury region now knows what a hard-working Senator they have the chance to elect.

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