The state of the race

With just over a week to go, the race for Maryland Republican Party Chair is beginning to look like one which will disappoint about half or more of the party, depending on how it comes out.

I was inspired to think about this when I received dueling endorsements via e-mail and snail mail over the last couple days from several party leaders – key among them was 2012 Senate candidate Dan Bongino’s endorsement of Greg Kline for the MDGOP’s leadership position. In a statement released by Kline’s campaign, Bongino is quoted as saying:

We have an important decision to make. During next Saturday’s MDGOP Spring Convention, the Party will be selecting a new Chairman. I believe the best choice to turn this Party around and put us on a path to future electoral successes is Greg Kline.

Greg’s plan for Maryland is detailed, visionary, strategic and avoids repeating the mistakes of the past. Greg will not forfeit any election, will cede no ground and will create an environment where all candidates and potential candidates will find a welcome home in our state GOP.

But while the Bongino endorsement will be valuable, in looking at the race thus far in terms of confirmed supporters – particularly ones with a vote in the matter – Kline is bringing up the rear. While it’s not an exhaustive list by any means (and certainly feel free to add your name to the list as a comment I can verify) these are the endorsements I’m aware of. (Minutes after I posted I had to make an update, so this will change I’m sure.)

For Greg Kline:

  • Dan Bongino, 2012 U.S Senate candidate
  • Brian Griffiths, Chair, Maryland Young Republicans
  • Andrew Langer, Insitiute for Liberty
  • Eugene Craig, Baltimore County CC
  • Maria Pycha, Baltimore County CC
  • Kathleen Smero, Baltimore County CC
  • Jim Braswell, Anne Arundel County CC

For Collins Bailey:

  • Republican Liberty Caucus of Maryland
  • Patrick McGrady, Harford County CC and Maryland Liberty PAC
  • Scott DeLong. Harford County CC
  • David Tritt, Harford County CC
  • Chris Zeauskas, Chair, Cecil County CC
  • Mike Dawson, Cecil County CC
  • Phil Parenti, Chair, Prince George’s County CC
  • Tom Slezak, Prince George’s County CC
  • Joe Crawford, Charles County CC
  • Gary Rumsey. St. Mary’s County CC
  • Michael Belan, Montgomery County CC

Diana Waterman has the longest list – but not all have a vote:

  • Louis Pope, RNC National Committeeman
  • John Wafer, MRP Secretary
  • Chris Rosenthal, MRP Treasurer
  • Marcia Jicka. longtime MRP employee
  • Ellen Sauerbrey, two-time gubernatorial candidate
  • Patt Parker, Maryland Federation of Republican Women
  • Ruth Umbel, Maryland Federation of Republican Women
  • Lance Richardson, Queen Anne’s County State’s Attorney
  • Earl Beville, Queen Anne’s County Republican Club president
  • Mark Uncapher, Chair, Montgomery County CC
  • Mohamed Ali, Montgomery County CC
  • Sylvia Darrow, Montgomery County CC
  • Jerry Cave, Montgomery County CC
  • Josephine Wang, Montgomery County CC
  • Katja Bullock, Montgomery County CC
  • Larry Lauer, Montgomery County CC
  • Loretta Shields, Chair, Howard County CC
  • Diane Butler, Howard County CC
  • Frank Smith, Howard County CC
  • Dave Myers, Howard County CC
  • Nick Panuzio, Chair, Talbot County CC
  • Josh Horner, Talbot County CC
  • Dale Coldren, Chair, Dorchester County CC
  • Wayne Foote, Chair, Allegany County CC
  • Mary Burke-Russell, St. Mary’s County CC
  • Laura Knickman, Queen Anne’s County CC
  • Matthew Adams, Somerset County CC

While there are a lot of endorsements in Waterman’s corner, it’s worth noting that those who have made a stand only represent around 15% of the vote. Surely a few counties will have a unanimous vote, but I think most will be split two or three ways.

The question, though, might be more of whether a second ballot is needed rather than who will win. We will find out on April 20.

Update: The list has already changed – two three people listed as Waterman supporters have requested removal and I’ve made additions to the Kline camp.


2 Responses to “The state of the race”

  1. Maria Pycha on April 13th, 2013 10:08 pm

    You can add me to the Greg Kline list. Maria Pycha Second Vice Chair, Baltimore Co CC, Along with Gene Graig Baltimore Co CC.

  2. Kathleen Smero on April 15th, 2013 11:13 am

    Please add me to the list of people supporting Greg Kline. I am a member of the Baltimore County Central Committee. I am proud to support Greg.

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