One last appeal

On Thursday Anne Arundel County voters got to meet a half-dozen of the aspirants for the United States Senate in one of the last debates before the April 3 primary.

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The Maryland GOP was heavily promoting this event, so if you haven’t made up your mind yet, this is a chance to do so.

2 thoughts on “One last appeal”

  1. Vaughn is the most-electable, or is electable. He has on his website, A Winning Strategy 2012. He is capable of getting enough of the Democrat vote in November & getting elected as Republican. He is vote-worthy & has excellent endorsements.

  2. Didn’t we see that movie starring Michael Steele? Seems like the same argument we heard from him against Ben Cardin in 2006.

    Listen, I like Corrogan as a person, but here are the facts: he’s raised next to no money and he’s never gotten more than a small percentage of the vote in any primary. And then we have the sudden switch in 2010 from trying to run for Senate on the GOP ticket to running for Governor as a member of the Green (!) Party.

    Now I would hope that Vaughn would be willing to use his talent and connections to work for the conservative cause in those Baltimore City and PG County precincts, but I’ve often wondered why he doesn’t attempt to prove his strategy by running in a local race. If he can really get that sort of support he should be able to win there, right?

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