Local GOP selects four for District Four

Last night, the Wicomico County Republican Central Committee interviewed six candidates before selecting four local Republicans to advance to an upcoming Wicomico County Council vote to fill the seat now vacant due to the passing of Bob Caldwell. Selected were former County Council member Bill Carey, local businessman John Hall, Robert Huntington, an airline pilot, and political activist Cathy Keim. A seventh applicant withdrew from consideration just before the interview process began.

These half-dozen candidates were peppered with questions from the Central Committee, which was charged by the county charter to select four qualified citizens for County Council’s consideration. As a body, we agreed that all six candidates interviewed would have been fine additions to County Council, but only four could move on and all four who advanced received a majority of votes from the eight eligible members voting, with one receiving support from all eight present.

Truthfully, I was somewhat surprised at the outcome but had one vote flipped I would’ve had the result I expected – it was that close. I voted for three of the four winners, so I wasn’t dismayed at all. It’s my impression as well that the person selected will probably be a reliably conservative vote.

So it’s now up to County Council to decide the final winner, and they will vote on the matter in an upcoming meeting.

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4 thoughts on “Local GOP selects four for District Four”

  1. As the only non-applicant, non-committee member there last night I can attest that y’all did an excellent job. While Bob never made known a preference for his successor (at least to me), I do believe that he would have been pleased with the work you did and the four choices the WRCC sent forward to the council today.

    As you said, it’s now up to the council. Because of time constraints and because some council members are out of town, it doesn’t appear that they will make a selection until November 15th. While it isn’t in strict compliance with the charter, I think that they are making a good faith effort to fill the vacancy as soon as practicable.

    This has also brought to light another issue for the Charter Review Commission. I think that trying to fill such a vacancy in 30 days is tough. The WRCC did not waste any time and the council still only had two (2) days to interview and vote. I think they should propose an amendment that gives the central committee (D or R) 30 days and the council 45 (15 days after the central committee provides a list of four names).

  2. Actually, it’s easy to do a good job when you have good people to work with. I would have been happy with any of the six, but as I noted three of the four I voted for made it. I know who my strongest preference would be, and I’ll let County Council know at an appropriate time.

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