Is the TEA Party electoral poison?

Well, to answer the question, Rasmussen conducted a poll which stated 43 percent now see the TEA Party label as a negative. Of course they do, since the media constantly portrays the TEA Party as part of the problem and not part of the solution. I think the number around here who would agree with the 43% is only about half of that.

But the labeling trend is definitely not in the favor of those who believe in smaller, more limited government as independents dislike the TEA Party label by a 42-25 margin. Generally they are the ones who fall in the middle politically and supposedly it’s the great unwashed whose votes pile up on election day.

So here’s my message to the 43 percent: if you don’t buy the TEA Party and its message of limited government it’s only because you believe the lies told about the TEA Party by those who have a vested interest in keeping things just the way they are!

Do you want to know the way it is? We spend way too much money in government, and it’s money we create out of thin air. The question now isn’t if we’re heading into an inflationary era, but when and how much. It’s sort of like our experience with Hurricane Irene – some got a little wind, some got a little rain, but most had some sort of damage done to their towns and dwellings. All that differed was the degree.

So follow the money. If you didn’t get a raise last year or – worse – lost your job, well, what has the current big-spending government done for you? Maybe you’re getting some sort of transfer payment like unemployment benefits or food stamps but wouldn’t you really rather have the standard of living of being a productive full-time worker returned to you? As it stands you have less but government has more because they set the rules and print the money! Let my people go!

The TEA Party was a movement which didn’t have a leader for the longest time, but after the 2010 election became equated with the Republicans who took over the House of Representatives after four years of Nancy Pelosi.

Unfortunately, the House GOP leadership has, at times, settled back into their old ways of being the party which stood only for a slower pace of government growth. I think TEA Party leaders wouldn’t mind so much being considered the bad guys if they had actually achieved the goals put forward after the 2010 elections. Instead, we got compromises which only served to slow down the rampant and unchecked growth of Washington instead of throwing it into reverse. Obviously it’s not possible to completely wind back all which has been sprung upon us since the Democrats took over Congress in 2007 and the White House in 2009 but we expected the GOP to stand more firm. Perhaps that’s where some of the negativity about the TEA Party comes from, expressed in disappointment that they aren’t being leaders.

Yet I am a TEA Partier, and would be so even if Rasmussen got a 99.9 percent negative result. When you’re right, you’re right. We tried it the other way for nearly a century and look where it got us.

Let’s put it this way. If government had only done its Constitutional functions over the last hundred or so years and the result was our nation being at the level of a Third World tinpot dictatorship, well, then I’d say the Founding Fathers were wrong. Yet those on the Left won’t extend that common courtesy to us because, quite frankly, they are the ones who screwed this up by imposing their will on our nation. I’m not seeing less spending or fewer bureaucrats, so one has to presume this is the way they wanted it.

Yet, very quietly, leadership which owes its very existence to the TEA Party is making success stories in Wisconsin and Ohio. It’s taking millions of dollars in coerced union dues to try and fool people into believing otherwise, and one key test was the wave of recall elections in Wisconsin where the GOP held its Senate majority. The second test will come in November as the union thugs try to beat back reform in the embodiment of Ohio’s Senate Bill 5 by repealing it. Hopefully my former Ohio cohorts will see through the union’s lies and obfuscation and put them in their place as a relic of a bygone political time.

That’s because a large sum of the money being used to defame the TEA Party movement comes from shaking down workers and trying to convince them into voting against their best interests by voting against TEA Party-backed candidates. If they didn’t fear the TEA Party liberals wouldn’t attempt to create their own ersatz versions of it by allocating the name for third parties designed to split the conservative vote.

So look beyond the label and look to principles. While “liberal” and “progressive” have deservedly been given bad names because of bad policy, there’s an attempt to wrongfully smear the TEA Party. But not if I can help it, not on my watch.

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