Tomorrow we meet at dawn…

Back on July 10, 2007 I introduced the two “Campaign 2008” folders that I have for tomorrow’s election. However, I’m certain I begin discussing the election earlier than that because the speculation was rampant about Andy Harris making his Congressional run two months before that.

So we’ve been at this election thing for about 18 months now, and it’s been almost 9 months since the primary back on February 12th. The finish line is in sight for all those volunteers, paid staff, and candidates who have worked so hard to get this far – it’s unfortunate in a way that half or more of those people will find themselves disappointed after the votes are counted.

Being a Republican in two places that are primarily Democrat-controlled, I’ve had more than my share of bitter defeats. But I have a pretty good feeling about this election, particularly on a local level. I think more than a few people will be surprised when it’s all said and done.

One thing that I should stress even though it’s a bit of inside baseball – your votes will count more than you know, especially for John McCain. The more votes we get for McCain in Wicomico County, the better our voting strength at future conventions if a measure passes at our upcoming Fall State Convention. It’s a proposal to base voting strength on actual votes for statewide office rather than on the number of registered Republicans. With this area being fairly conservative and a significant percentage of registered Democrats voting GOP in the privacy of the ballot box, we could do a lot to help the Eastern Shore advance in the state party hierarchy.

There may or may not be a posting tomorrow because I’m going to hit the hay once this is done; maybe I’ll check comments quickly during breakfast but my plan is to vote and then do my assigned duties at my polling place. I will have my camera so my plan is to have plenty of pictures of Election Day and Night 2008.

If you happen to vote at the polling place on East Gordy Road, I will see you there. But tomorrow is a day the conservatives within the view of my website can begin the slow process of taking back this country from the liberal Democrats who threaten it and the RINO’s who have done serious damage to our party. Let’s get the ball rolling now so we can finish the job locally in 2010. (And yes, I already have a Campaign 2010 category so I’m getting earlier and earlier!)

Our opportunity awaits – let’s take advantage of it. We CAN win if we turn out every Republican! Let that other party be the lazy one.

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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow we meet at dawn…”

  1. Prediction (made after voting at 7 this morning):

    Given the inclement weather, Harris and McCain will win in the 1st District with small margins, but probably would have been defeated if the weather had held from the past few days. The former could win because of his “campaign of lies and deception” — quoting the Annapolis Capital — and McCain because of the race factor. A Democrat win in either case will be a huge victory, even if the margin is thin, but even if both Kratovil and Obama lose, a close margin will signify that the political core of the Shore is changing much faster than was thought possible back in the day (20 years ago) when the Washington Post identified Somerset County as part of Mississippi, politically.

    Whoever is elected in the House, the election for the 1st District seat in 2010 will be another hot contest. It would not surprise me to see the same two running against one another then, as both have established solid support on both sides of the Bay.

  2. Update:

    With the moderation in the weather, I’ll say that the races (1st District only, I mean) are too close to call.

    The absentee count later in the week may “decide” who wins.

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