If you want help from above…

This obviously is a locally based item but readers can do this in the privacy of their own home too. Thanks to Bonnie Luna for sending this along.

In Psalm 121: 1-2 it says, “I will lift up my eyes to the hills—from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”

We do not have to look very far to see that our nation needs help. The evidence of this is everywhere. No human alone has the power or ability to help us or change the course of this nation. Our only source of help and hope is the Lord.

As you are aware, we are quickly approaching one of the most important, influential elections in History. It is high time that we, as Christians, unite across lines and pray . . . pray for the state of this nation, pray for the upcoming elections, and pray for a spiritual awakening in America. We need to come together in one accord…for such a time as this!!  It is only the mercy of our Almighty God that can save us. The time is critical!

You are invited to take time on Tuesday, November 4th, hopefully before you cast your ballot, to enter into a time of prayer for our Nation.

A prayer room has been set aside at the Republican Headquarters on South Salisbury Boulevard for believers to join together to intercede for our Nation.

God’s word says in Matthew 18:20: “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

Please don’t miss this opportunity for corporate prayer with the Body of Christ.  “Our only source of help and hope is the Lord.”

Headquarters and the prayer room will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  Come pray!

Late edit: Perhaps it’s not the most appropriate time to bring up Delaware, but I neglected to mention to my friends up north that they should brave the rain and make sure to vote for Bill Lee, Charlie Copeland, Christine O’Donnell, and Mike Castle (note to Delaware GOP: in 2010 you need a conservative primary challenger for him). The commercial for Joe Biden talks about the lights in the houses he rides by on the train and their worries – maybe if their tax  and red tape burden you helped create weren’t so great they’d have fewer worries.

See you at the polls!

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7 thoughts on “If you want help from above…”

  1. It now appears that with the assistance of Joe Albero and GA Harrison, Dr. Harris may have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. If so, does the Club for Growth get a refund?

  2. Kratovil, it seems to me, was everywhere on the shore. Why the shore went for him is really anybody’s guess. But if I were to take a guess, I’d say that there may be several reasons.

    1. First of all, Kratovil lives here. As a resident of Kent Island (where he also lives), his popularity here is clearly evident.

    2. Secondly, in my opinion, Kratovil out campaigned Harris. Everywhere you looked, there he was.

    3. The endorsement of Kratovil by that bitter, angry, jealous encumbant who should be dispatched from the Republican Party was menacing as well.

    4. It also seems to me, and I’m merely speculating here, that perhaps more resources should have come to the shore on Andy Harris’s behalf for signage and other campaign necessities.

  3. “A prayer room has been set aside at the Republican Headquarters on South Salisbury Boulevard for believers to join together to intercede for our Nation.”

    Isn’t this the time for the GOP to divorce itself from the religious right wing?

  4. Divorce “ourselves” from the “religious right wing?” Surely you are joking. I believe that it is high time that we who are members of the GOP quit fooling ourselves into believing that somehow if we move ourselves further and further away from the right that people will then begin to “like” us again and maybe we can then win elections. No, no, no…

    What we need to do is to begin to re-embrace the conservative principles, including the principles of the religious right, that have made this country and the GOP great and then go to the places where the “unbelievers” are and begin to “evangelize” those who will hear our message. Our message is logical, sensible and very practical.

    Perhaps you (as would all of us) would do well to visit that prayer room yourself. I really believe that if we want to move this country back toward conservative principles and values, it is going to take more than we as mere men are able to deliver. I believe its going to require revival in the hearts and minds of the people of this country. That will not come about as a result of our preaching or our teaching. That will only come about through prayer. I am thankful to hear that the prayer room exists. Hopefully this will become a spark that will catch fire….

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