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Just a short post this morning to point out a few things I found that were worth checking out…sort of like a mini-Carnival of Maryland. (By the way, I’m hosting CofM’s edition #17 coming up in October.)

Mike Netherland, on his appropriately-named Mike’s Nether Land site, goes into the recent power struggle in the Anne Arundel GOP and also talks about another political pet issue of mine, one reason I ran for my WCRCC post. It’s excellent reading, even though I didn’t catch it until last night and it was posted Sunday.

Streiff at Red Maryland calls Wayne Gilchrest out on the carpet. One thing I like about the blogosphere is its collective memory. For good or bad, having many voices out there ensures things said will not be as easily forgotten. If you have never read Red Maryland, it’s well worth the time; moreover, it’s updated frequently because of its nine contributors.

Aptly, Gunpowder at Gunpowder Chronicle rates this post TV-MA. As he says, you have been warned. I just enjoyed the Deadwood reference because I remember the character well. I also like the point because he’s dead on with it and his passion shows.

So a few things for your morning reading (as I allocate a phrase from Duvafiles) in order to give props to some of my favorite blogs.

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