Borrowing an idea

As many readers know, I’ve done the monoblogue Accountability Project since 2008, covering the entire 2007-10 term of the Maryland General Assembly. It now appears I may have some help, and they’ll have a similar conservative perspective as mine. (Blue Ridge Forum has coverage.)

An offshoot of the recent Maryland CAN conference, Maryland Vote Watch only asks volunteers to watch the voting patterns (in both committee and floor votes) of a small group of General Assembly members Рfor example, I would keep tabs on the Delegates and Senator from District 38, which is my home district here. Chances are that most issues and votes will be relatively non-controversial, but there are usually about 30 to 50 votes which separate liberals from moderates, and moderates from conservatives.

So I’m happy to help out the cause, which actually may make my job easier later this spring when I compile this year’s edition of the monoblogue Accountability Project. We all should watch our elected officials like a hawk, so I encourage my far-flung readers to adopt their own district or a neighboring one.