New sponsor

I’m pleased to announce that I have a deal with the Robinson Family of Businesses to come onboard this blog as an advertiser.

As I build this brand and my writing career, I need the support of fine people and businesses who may or may not agree with the message but believe in its presentation: a website which doesn’t stoop to the level of being personal but delivers news and views in a readable and occasionally humorous style.

People tell me the first one is the hardest to get, but I have no illusions that I can slack off now. Yet getting John on board will hopefully pave the way for more local businesses to expand their advertising reach. While I have a pretty good share of the local audience, the dirty little secret is that my readership spans all fifty states (I just checked last night, and my Vermont reader must have returned because that was my most recent holdout state.) Thus, your message may resonate with someone who’s coming to the area or is interested in your internet presence.

I updated my ads page earlier today, so check out my affordable rates!

Author: Michael

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