Osama bin Laden dead: what’s next?

A slew of news reports late Sunday night confirmed Osama bin Laden has died. While original news reports stated bin Laden’s death occurred a few days ago, later remarks by President Obama detailed the operation as happening Sunday. Whichever version of events is true doesn’t truly matter since the end result is the same: America’s ‘Public Enemy Number One’ is no more among the living.

But my personal take as a political observer on how this will affect our nation’s immediate future is complex.

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3 thoughts on “Osama bin Laden dead: what’s next?”

  1. Isoroku Yamamoto, CINC of the Japanese Combined Imperial Fleet and the strategic genius behind the attack on Pearl Harbor was shot down on 18 April 1943 by units assigned to the US Army Air Corps flying P-38 Lightnings over the Solomon Islands.

    It was another two years and four months before the United States saw final victory over the Empire of Japan.

    Killing Obama was a great thing. It was an act of great leadership and courage on the part of the President. It was an act of superb warrior skill on the part of our armed forces. And it was a major success for a much-maligned and slandered intelligence community.

    But it is not the end. It is not the beginning of the end. As Churchill said, it “may be the end of the beginning.”

    Yamamoto’s death did not end the war, but it crippled Japanese strategic thinking and morale. May Obama’s death do the same…

  2. Very good thoughts on what this actually means to the war on terror (relatively little) and at home (potentially a big boost or even decline for Obama’s popularity).

    Glad there are some clear-thinkers out there. This event has a lot of people saying a lot of things that aren’t exactly wise.

    For my part, I would still like to know what happened.

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