And then one dropped out…

There is one less name in the field for the GOP Chair’s race.

Citing the need to keep his independence in his position as president of the nonpartisan Institute for Liberty, Andrew Langer told supporters that he’d not pursue the position of Maryland GOP Chair. His withdrawal narrows the possible field to around seven names, five of whom have already announced their intention to run. (Update: Mark Newgent has Langer’s official statement at Red Maryland.)

Despite the fact he’s not in the field, though, his set of principles still may influence the race and the direction the party takes over the next four years. Last month he and Mark Newgent (with a little help from yours truly) wrote the Chambers Compact. This document lays out a platform for the party to follow over the next four years, including a call to:

…take a cue from the grassroots and the blogosphere and become (an effective) opposition.  To do the research, to oppose, to poke, to prod, to hold its own hearings if necessary—all of this in order to demonstrate that Emperor O’Malley has no clothes!

We all know this emperor has no clothes; unfortunately enough people didn’t see it the last time we had an election.

While Langer’s withdrawal from the race leaves a void (and several disillusioned supporters) there’s no reason a good conservative voice can’t become the leader of a revitalized Maryland Republican Party. Our job as voting members of the MDGOP is to make sure that happens.

Postscript: Since people had so much fun with the concept, I’ll rework the MDGOP Chair odds later this afternoon to reflect Andrew’s absence. (4:45 p.m. – finished.)

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2 thoughts on “And then one dropped out…”

  1. Sorry to hear the news! The challenge that our party is going to face going forward is that “blue blood” will not invest in a status quo party. Donating to the party that holds the governorship is one thing; donating to a party that uses recycled leadership without the governor’s mansion is a whole other…

    This isn’t about any one candidate or any one race. This is about the Maryland Republican Party and a basic truth. Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is simply insanity.

    It’s time we build a Republican Party in Maryland.


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