A key endorsement

One of the first big-name endorsements in the MDGOP Chair race came last night.

In a note to his supporters on his Facebook page, Jim Rutledge laid out some of the reasons he supports Maryland Society of Patriots head Sam Hale:

  1. He “is a proven leader at the grassroots, people-to-people level of persuasion.” Jim recounts how Sam founded the Maryland Society of Patriots and that it became a favorite stop for conservative candidates courting votes.
  2. He is “honest and transparent” and gives “straight talk from an intelligent mind.”
  3. He “has a work ethic second to none…his energy is badly needed to move us forward in Maryland.”
  4. He “is an optimist and visionary” who is “not daunted in his passion for turning the tide of freedom” despite living in the liberal enclave of Montgomery County.
  5. He “is a Christian who understands the call to civic activism,” and who “puts his faith into action.”
  6. He “is young and well-educated…youth and energy attract youth and energy.”
  7. Finally, he “is independent from the influences of the Washington, D.C. establishment.”

Truthfully, it’s not surprising Rutledge would place his backing behind a party outsider, as Hale may be the only aspirant to not either have been a 2010 candidate (Amedori, Campbell, Kane, Mooney, Wargotz) or involved with the Maryland GOP in some other fashion (Esteve is head of the Maryland College Republicans and Langer is on the Queen Anne’s County Central Committee.)

I haven’t taken the opportunity to speak to Sam yet, but as I noted yesterday he did an interview for RedState with Matt Newman. Later this week I’m thinking about sending out my own set of questions to see who has the guts to reply – after all, I’m one of the few people who are discussing the issue publicly to actually have some say in the matter.

It’s important to me that I make the best-informed decision I can to advance the conservative principles I believe in. Unlike some party chairmen, I put principle over party as much as I can (granted, it can’t always work that way – I do have some pragmatism.) So, those of you I think are in the running should be on the lookout.

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One thought on “A key endorsement”

  1. Questions

    Do we accept the premise that the primary roll of whoever heads up the minority party in this state is the raising of funds to elect conservative candidates?

    If so let’s call that fishing, which is a necessary endeavor in order to exist.

    If this is true, who, and at what point will bait be cut?

    Who has the knowledge to determine the best fishing grounds and who possesses the most accurate moral or idealistic “compass” to steer the ship on its proper course? In the shipping industry, the person steering the boat is rarely the one truly in charge and setting the course.

    Is this also true within MDGOP?

    So from what position within MDGOP can certain, wanting to lead fishermen best accomplish certain goals? I say put aside id and ego, or insatiate ambitions, and place yourself where you may best serve the needs of the party, not your own hunger. So then if egos and resume padding are put aside by the hungriest, can we all come together to determine which fishermen to put on which side of the boat to best serve the whole?

    Certainly we need a few good helmsmen, we also need those that know how to fish, what we don’t need is a Captain who thinks his or her desires are more important than the passengers.

    Fish or cut bait indeed


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