Bringing in the heavy hitters (from across the Bay)

I got the most interesting invitation in my snail mail box today: a fundraiser invitation from Delegate (and wannabe Senator) Jim Mathias. Seems to me that Jim is an ambitious kind of guy and the Democrats opportunists who see a Senate seat opening up in a district which gave Mathias the highest number of votes in 2006 – a match made in heaven.

There’s no surprise that Jim is having the fundraiser at Seacrets in Ocean City, nor does it shock me that the admission price is on the steep side ($100 and up for the “Friends Reception” and a cool grand for the “VIP Reception.”) What made me scratch my head and do some digging is the “care of” address on the invitation – a company called Rice Consulting.

Based in Bel Air, Rice Consulting specializes in campaign organization and fundraising for a host of Democratic candidates, mostly from the I-95 corridor. The Mathias event is one of many on their calendar, which also includes a Smith Island cruise with Norm Conway later this summer.

Obviously Mathias must feel the decision to use a connected company to handle his fundraising and events gives him an advantage for being elected and getting a copy of the guest list for the event would be a real eyeopener, I’m sure. But it belies the typical Eastern Shore Democrat strategy of talking conservative to moderate on the home front and hoping voters don’t pay attention to the liberal voting record. Throwing in his lot with this group sure doesn’t seem like the down-home, “aw shucks” image the former Ocean City mayor has tried to show as his public face the last several years.

However, this and other invitations I’ve received have convinced me to bring back the Election Calendar – however, I’m going to base it at my Wicomico County Election 2010 Examiner site and link to it from here (as I do with other Examiner articles of mine.) So look for it beginning Sunday.

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