Friday night videos episode 26

Doing this real time tonight, so let’s see what I have. Three guesses what the main subject is, first two don’t count.

Then again, perhaps I can deem this post already done – isn’t that what the House wants to do?

And here’s the epitome of sleaze part two, courtesy of the National Republican Congressional Committee:

And if that weren’t enough, the GOP came up with sleaze part three on the part of Democrats:

Finally, a voice of sanity: Indiana Congressman Mike Pence.

There are other things going on, though. This is an admirable effort by the Sunlight Foundation to bring government back into the open.

And this last one is just for inspiration for my friends heading up to Washington, D.C. tomorrow morning. I already had plans for the day, but I’ll be there in spirit.

It’s a good way to close this 26th edition of FNV. Well, actually a good way to close it out would be to announce they’ve dropped Obamacare and Ava Aston was coming here. Maybe by next time.

Author: Michael

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