This time it’s about service

So far, so good. At least as far as television spots are concerned Andy Harris has yet to go negative in this general election campaign. His latest spot is called, “Service”:

For the most part, the commercial is relatively biographical and not issue-oriented. It is worth noting that Harris did serve in the Naval Reserve during Operation Desert Storm but didn’t serve in the Middle East theatre. However, it doesn’t diminish the service because the Navy didn’t place him on the front lines – thousands of active military personnel likely didn’t see combat in the Persian Gulf during that conflict. This actually ties in nicely with some of the themes evident during the Republican National Convention and certainly backs up the character aspect Andy wants to focus on here.

Quite honestly, aside from quibbling over the factual extent of Harris’s claims, there’s not much of a response possible from Frank Kratovil’s camp. Yes, Andy is a medical doctor, he served in the Naval Reserve, and he is a legislator who has proven to be taxpayer-friendly for the most part. (Devotion to taxpayers has led Harris to make votes which Kratovil and his allies have deemed anti-environment, like voting no on the “flush tax.” In my eyes, that’s the proper balance.)

Kratovil did have an objection to last week’s fundraiser Andy Harris and Governor Mitt Romney shared, and threw in for good measure more bashing of the Club For Growth:

(Last Friday), Queen Anne’s States Attorney and Democrat for Congress Frank Kratovil released the following statement concerning a fundraiser in Baltimore featuring his Republican opponent Andy Harris and Former Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney.

“Andy Harris was able to win the Republican primary by bringing in out of state money like the more than $1 million from the Club for Growth, an organization that has labeled senior citizens “the new welfare state.” Bringing in Mitt Romney is just more of the same, it’s not a surprise, considering so many of his individual donors have been from out-of-state, this strategy just won’t work in the general.”

“My campaign is broadening as I garner support from Democrats and Republicans who live right here in the First District. I couldn’t be happier with the support I have received from my friends and neighbors who share the same ideals and principles.”

First of all, I’m happy that Frank Kratovil again is proud to be a Democrat. If you watch his TV commercials he won’t admit to it. Maybe he’s pleased his good friend Martin O’Malley bumped the approval rating back up to 45 percent.

However, I do have to warn Frank to be careful about that out-of-state money commentary. At least it’s evident by FEC records that Andy Harris gets contributions bundled by the Club For Growth, which is a group of like-minded individuals who believe in the same concepts of limited government that Andy Harris believes in. We don’t truly know from which state the many labor unions who contribute to Frank Kratovil get their funds from or whether those workers whose dues are used would even vote for Frank if they had the chance to do so.

And be very, very quiet, Frank about some of these out-of-state campaign committee donations you received earlier this year:

  • Congressman Barney Frank (MA) – $2,000
  • Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL) – $2,000 (This is the woman who repeatedly called Sarah Palin a liar for her correct claim she’d been to Iraq.)
  • Congressman Rahm Emanuel (IL) – $2,000

And the biggie…

  • Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (CA) – $2,000 (Gee, will Frank be owned by Nancy Pelosi?)

So if you’re one of Frank’s friends and neighbors who share the same ideals and principles as Nancy Pelosi, well, chances are I’ll hear about it in my comment section.

The other item I want to have verified (and generally Frank’s staff is pretty good about this when they write releases, which makes the omission here questionable) is where the Club For Growth states that senior citizens are “the new welfare state.” That deserves to be looked at in context.

Now the question becomes – will Kratovil throw the first negative stone in his next 30 second commercial?

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