Am I being stalked?

It’s sort of amazing that over the last week I’ve had four different articles on me over at Salisbury News, with three of them featuring pictures of me at various times over at Perdue Stadium. My friends at Off The Cuff noticed this too (at least the latest incident), and I think I’m now ahead of such Joe Albero enemies as Barrie Tilghman and Wayne Barrall for the month as far as pictures go – hell, I think I’m ahead of most firefighters since the recent fire shots didn’t mention firefighters by name. While I’m flattered to be in such august company and doubly flattered that these pro-Maryland bloggers have noticed this too, I’ll take a few moments and share the real story.

As of just a few days ago, I indeed became a season ticket holder because the company I work for opted not to renew their passes. Fortunately I was able to secure the exact same seat I sat in for the last two seasons when I used the tickets they generously provided for any employee who wanted them…usually I would forgo the fireworks games and such that my cohorts wanted to go to and take the regular old weekday games simply because I like watching baseball. Of course, now I can go to any game I wish and Sunday I actually arrived pretty close to when the gates opened at 1 p.m. Even though it was only 46 degrees out and misty I figured they’d play.

Now, I saw Joe arrive up at the press box level as I was leaving it because I’d walked upstairs to talk with someone – he didn’t see me because we were both heading the same direction and he arrived (or returned) just after the game had been called. I walked down to ask Chris Bitters and confirm a makeup date but he was busy helping with the tarp so I went by the previous answer I’d gotten from another involved employee. (I was told correctly, the makeup game is next Tuesday night beginning at 6:05. They’ll play two 7-inning contests.) And that’s when photofreak Joe struck, unbeknownst to me until I saw the post at noontime yesterday.

You know that Joe might be pretty smart, as somehow he talked somebody with the Shorebirds into giving him press box access. Not too shabby for a blog that is “opinionated only.” So he watches the games for free while I paid for the privilege. But I suppose as a member of the Shorebird Fan Club and pretty loyal patron (in 3+ seasons I’ve made it to about 80-90 games, increasing that number each year) I don’t mind helping out the team and encouraging it to remain here – do you know how many cities would kill to get a minor league baseball team like ours? Anyway, I don’t need a press pass to take my pictures and get the stat copies which help me when I do my Shorebird of the Week so I’ll not begrudge Joe that – if having a press pass makes him feel like a reporter more power to him.

More to the point, I think Joe is looking to corner the local blogging market. Over the last few months what used to be a big four is now a big three because Delmarva Dealings has combined operations with Salisbury News. So G.A. is no longer the target of Joe’s wrath and apparently he’s deemed Bill Duvall to not be a threat anymore, probably because he’s not a BlogNetNews member anyway. It just leaves him and I, and even though my focus is quite a bit different I may be the last threat to his local news blog monopoly. I’m sure he’s seething just a bit when he sees my website and all of my “self-hits” ahead of him in the rankings on some Sundays. I’ll just be content with my usual top 5’s and the occasional number one rank, seems fair to me. I sleep well at night about what I write, even if it is about local music or some other off-the-wall subject he doesn’t care for.

On the other hand, while there have always been a few bloggers out there who called out Joe for some of his more egregious items, their number has grown over the last few months as more and more take issue with his methods and half-truths. To the extent that they are on my side in this fight, I welcome them.

Assuming that Joe continues his coverage of the Shorebirds once the novelty of the new season wears off and other events take precedence in his gathering of news, he and I will be in the same place a lot because I’ll be at most of the games sitting in my usual spot. So I suppose I better dress reasonably and make sure my hair’s combed although typically I have a cap on anyway. But it would be nice that a couple or three times during the season Joe leaves the laptop at home and brings Jennifer and the grandson instead because something tells me the tyke would enjoy seeing Sherman and riding the merry-go-round and playing in the arcade and even watching a little bit of baseball too.

Quit playing reporter and photographer all the time and be a grandparent. Maybe you didn’t care for how I helped to raise my daughter, so show me a better way since someday I’ll be a grandparent too.

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14 thoughts on “Am I being stalked?”

  1. You know we always have your back Michael. He wonders why people loathe him so much. Perhaps if he acted a little differently, there would be no need for him to be so paranoid. He is just one of those individuals who is so horribly miserable, he wants to make everyone miserable too.

  2. Me, take parental advise from YOU? Michael, PLEASE! While the season has just started and it’s still quite cold out, I’ll await my time to do what I choose, when I choose with my Grandson.

    To bring Jennifer and our Grandson into this clearly shows how low you’ll stoop Michael, knowing that’s one area I/We will not tolorate. Remember Michael, THEY are NOT public figures, you’re over the line.

    Once again, your verbose post about simple photos taken at a ball game and your relationships with the Anti Albero Bloggers tells me more and more where you stand.

    Michael, you’re not competition to me. You know that and I know that. You’re a great political writer and I have always stated that and given you that and even to this day I’ll not take that away from you.

    However, your lack of a sense of humor is gone and here’s what I’ll assure you of. I’ll not take your picture at the ball games any more as I agree, it’s your space and you shouldn’t have top feel like you’re looking over your shoulder, so you have my word on that. If my post offended you, please forgive me for such as I was simply showing some humor?

    However, if you EVER bring Jennifer or my Grandson into another Post of yours, you and I are going to have some serious problems and YOU’RE not going to enjoy the end result as you know our Lawyers will not stand for it, as you’re so called Anti Albero Blogger friends are about to learn.

    Oh yeah Bloggers, shake in your boots because ALL of your Blogs have been backed up recently and everyone is about to go down. It will be done Italian Style. You’ll know it’s coming but you won’t know when. But it’s coming and you all know I have the goods now.

    And you call these people your friends, eh Michael? We’ll see about that.

  3. Unlike you Michael, I’m a life long partner with my Wife and although he’s our Grandson, he’s our son now. I have never used the step thing, ever. I spend every waking hour with this child, not a weekend, once a year, if you know what I mean. Being a parent doesn’t entail part time anything. REMEMBER THIS STATEMENT JOE?

    Hmmm, OK Joe I have seen you out several times at family friendly functions taking pics(I have kids myself)and not once have I witnessed a child with you.

    Maybe he’ll start taking the child out to the ole’ ball game.

  4. Michael:

    You will have to remember to not pick your nose, scratch your butt, and never, ever, put your face in your hand with your middle finger extended.

    On the other hand, you COULD geta FUJA tee shirt, I bet one of the Pro MD bloggers would even donate one to you.

    I must stop now, as I do not want to be verbose.

  5. Michael,

    Very eloquent. Of course, prepare for the obligatory threat of a lawsuit for using the “s” word. Don’t you know that only Joe can accuse people of stalking?

    Glad to come to your defense on Shooter’s site. I love your writing here and stop by daily.


  6. Nice threat Joe. I was simply making a suggestion since Nick Loffer can handle the sports reporting, too. I will take you at your word and hopefully I’ll see you out there with family in tow once the weather gets warmer and school’s out.

  7. Its a shame that this once interesting site has now resorted to the low life antics that some of the others have displayed. Will you now be posting shower head pics and feeling the love from your disgusting buddies.

  8. Joe Albero said…
    “However, if you EVER bring Jennifer or my Grandson into another Post of yours, you and I are going to have some serious problems and YOU’RE not going to enjoy the end result as you know our Lawyers will not stand for it, as you’re so called Anti Albero Blogger friends are about to learn.”

    You Joe Albero are an F/N idiot. How could you deny your wife and grandson the opportunity to spend quality time with you at america’s favorite past time. What a joy it would be for him and your wife. Are you that ashamed of them to be seen in public? Michael merely stated that he hoped you would bring Jennifer and your grandson out to the ballpark when the weather became warmer and school was out. Very nice gesture if you ask me.

    You are a very large wind bag that needs to be deflated.

    (Editor’s note – this was the second of two similar comments by easternshorenative so I combined them slightly.)

  9. Michael,

    I read your blog daily off of BlogNetNews. You do a good job being interesting, informative and avoiding a lot of the junk that others post.
    Once in a while I will click on a post from “Salisbury News” just for a good laugh. I would really encourage you to just ignore the fool.

  10. DEG: Trust me, most times it’s against my better judgment that I post items like this but when it’s my integrity that’s being questioned or it gets to the point of borderline harassment I feel I have to speak out.

    However, from here on out I’ll take Joe at his word about not making me a photography subject, at least at the Shorebirds games. Truly I have bigger fish to fry.

    By the way, wouldn’t it be easier to just put monoblogue as a favorite and visit directly?

  11. You not only are being stalked, but harrassed as well. I guess that Joe has threatened all of us. Something needs to be done.

  12. Why not dispense with the idiocy and get to the main points which concern all parties here:

    “Raise up your child in the way that he should go.”


    “Return to your first marriages with forgiveness and commitment.”

    I would also tell all of you to lose a few pounds, but that’s just my opinion.

    Truly, how may a man properly function if all his life blood is spent swarming around a 3 pound mixture of noodles, cheese, cream, tomatoes, and garlic?


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