Immigration: “The issue is never the issue.”

By Cathy Keim

Editor’s note: Once again, Cathy is combining her series on immigration with more coverage of the Turning the Tides conference earlier this month.

James (Jim) Simpson, an investigative journalist, followed Clare Lopez’s talk with equally distressing information. He has a short book called The Red-Green Axis Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America, which is available online for free.

Simpson began with the statement, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” The issue only matters as a means to advance the Left’s true agenda. This hit me as particularly eye-opening for those who could not connect the dots between the continual, never-ending string of social ills which we have been forced to endure for the last fifty years. The attack on the family through no-fault divorce, the sexual revolution, women’s lib, and abortion has morphed into the gay issue and then transgender concerns. Never satisfied with the concessions wrung from an exhausted public, the issues just keep on coming, ever weakening and degrading our culture.

Now the issue is immigration. Adhering to the quote, it is easy to see that the elites are not pushing through immigration because they care about the people. They care about how immigrants further the elites’ quest for power and wealth.

Jim listed six ways that refugee resettlement and immigration undermine us.

  1.  Dilutes American culture
  2. Undermines the rule of law
  3. Sucks up welfare resources
  4. Creates chaos: racial/ethnic tension, fiscal stress, unemployment
  5. Cultivates loyal voters for leftist politicians seeking permanent majority
  6. Refugee Resettlement is a vehicle for Hijra

A new fact that I had not heard before was that the UN at the 1976 Conference on Human Settlements laid the groundwork for Agenda 21.

The universal goals were to abolish private property, seek “equitable” distribution of land, resources, and populations worldwide, and a foundation for open borders agenda.

Jim traced out the sanctuary movement from from its beginning when radical leftists were assisting Salvadorans fleeing civil war to the tragic death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco last year. In addition, Simpson researched and came up with the following crime statistics about aliens:

  • 22% of U.S. prison population in 2009 were aliens.
  • The annual incarceration costs were approximately $6 billion.
  • Between 2004 – 2008 249,000 aliens were convicted: 25,064 for murder, 69,929 for sex crimes, 14,788 for kidnapping, and 213,047 assaults.
  • In North Carolina in 2014: 752 illegals arrested on a total of 3,696 sex crime charges against children.

Jim pointed out that while attention is on the Syrian refugee issue right now, there are many other programs such as Temporary Protected Status, asylum seekers, parole, and visa waivers adding up to more than 100,000 Syrians here since 2012.

He then listed the Volunteer Agencies (VOLAGs) that are government contractors to bring in the refugees. He contends that radical leftists infiltrated the VOLAGS. They are not Christians despite their names, they are not religious, and they are not charitable, Simpson added.

I agree with Jim on this. The VOLAGs bring in refugees and deposit them in inner-city slums where they are left to shift for themselves. They often place warring groups next door to each other with no regard for safety. Added to the mix is the fact that the people that already live there are struggling for jobs without being undercut by cheap immigrant labor. Many times the refugees don’t even know how to use indoor plumbing, electricity, or a modern kitchen. The VOLAGs are paid by the head so they are only interested in bringing in as many people as they can, not in helping the ones already here to acclimate.

Jim listed some of the refugee problems that the communities that host them must address. Manchester, NH, has 82 languages. Amarillo, TX, has 911 calls in 36 languages. In Minnesota the Somali unemployment rate is 21%. In Texas, 25% of skin tests are positive for TB. Then add in gangs, drugs, and terrorism to this troubling mix.

The White House Task Force on New Americans pushes “Welcoming Communities and Fully Integrating Immigrants and Refugees” where the “welcoming” goal is to force Americans to accept mass immigration and the welcoming method is “Culture Shaping” where we “recognize the role everyone must play in furthering the integration of recent immigrants.”

(I wrote a piece on the White House Task Force on New Americans back in March.)

Jim Simpson ate lunch at my table, so I was able to question him further on some of his ideas. He pointed out that the communists have always used proxies to fight their wars when they could. He felt that the jihadists are the new proxies for the communists in the current situation, and made a compelling case for his theory.

It certainly explains why the leftists in our government are so eager to join sides with the Muslim Brotherhood and its numerous affiliates despite the rather glaring disparity between the progressives’ rhetoric and the Muslim Brotherhood’s anti-feminist, anti-gay agenda. How can the feminists swallow their vociferous promotion for equal rights and not peep about the horrors of female genital mutilation, honor killings, women being treated as property by men, and as being less than equal in worth to a man? Or how can progressives not complain about gay rights in Muslim controlled areas?

We go back to the quote that Jim started with, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” The progressives believe that they will use the Islamists to destroy America and then they, the progressives, will be in charge.

I am not so sure that the Islamists agree with that conclusion, but it is undeniable that the progressives in our country are working hand in hand with the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, and numerous other entities to undermine our country.

I will close with a quote from Frank Gaffney and remind you that you can read Jim’s book online. The final chapter is especially helpful in listing ideas of how to respond to this threat.

Center for Security Policy President, Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. states:

Jim Simpson has done a characteristically exacting investigation of the extent to which the red-green axis – the radical left, with its activists, contractors, philanthropies and friends in the Obama administration, and Islamic supremacists – have joined forces to use U.S. refugee resettlement programs as a prime means to achieve the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America. His expose is particularly timely against the backdrop of the government sponsored effort to ‘Welcome New Americans’ and suppress those who understand the imperative of “resisting” the migration to and colonization of this country, or hijra, that Shariah-adherent Muslim believed they are required to undertake.

One thought on “Immigration: “The issue is never the issue.””

  1. Cathy,

    Thanks for the interesting article. I hadn’t thought of Agenda 21 for awhile. There are so many assaults on personal liberty coming from so many directions that I find it hard to keep up with them all. In fact, that may well be a tactic of the progressives in itself. Just overwhelm everyone with a barrage of different “issues” that must be attended to immediately (never let a “crisis,” even a manufactured “crisis,” be wasted).

    I think that there are many well-intentioned souls who have bought into the notion that we must be fair to everyone everywhere without thinking about what that entails. Fairness of outcome is quite different from fairness of opportunity, as you know. The attempts by such bodies as the UN to impose fairness must, necessarily, take from successful societies and give to less successful societies. In this sense, it is a zero sum game.

    There is never a thought given, it seems, to raising other societies to our levels of freedom and economic liberty. Rather, it is always about reducing our standards to some lower level that is more easily attained by less successful societies. After all, to suggest that other cultures or societies emulate our success is to practice cultural imperialism!

    On the other hand, compassionate conservatives have demonstrated the limits of our ability to moderate the cultural expectations of foreign societies. While trying to raise the condition of people in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan, they have brought misery to untold millions through their hubris and ignorance (Yes, I’m talking to you, George Bush).

    A little humility on the part of both progressives and conservatives would go a long way towards bringing understanding to the world. There is no one person or committer of persons who has sufficient knowledge and understanding to bring order to every society on earth. Indeed, who would want such a thing? I am glad, for instance, that Italians did not choose to emulate the English in their wine and food choices!

    The energies and creativity of individuals is vast. We should do what we can to empower individuals in their pursuit of happiness and, otherwise, leave them to their own devices. In theory, this is the “third way” that permits creativity to flourish and individual opportunity to prevail. In practice, it is very hard to implement since your creativity may impact my livelihood!

    The closest we can probably come to attaining freedom and justice for all is to experience a global revival. It is Jesus Christ who can cut through the lust, ego and ambition of people to bring about unity. Outside of His redemptive, loving embrace, I don’t see a way forward. Instead, the battle between “utopians” and “realists” will carry on with the predictable sorrow such battles cause. Still and all, I appreciate your efforts to stand against the progressive, utopian onslaught.

    Another thought: Technology is, perhaps, more disruptive of societies at the moment than is violent jihad or other revolutionary efforts. A relatively free society such as ours fosters new technologies at an exhausting pace. The commercial and cultural disruptions are coming ever faster, or so it seems. I believe that innovation in the technical realm is actually having a greater impact on our society at present than any totalitarian progressive ideology.

    How we manage technology and its effects upon our populace will, I suspect, be the difference between a successful conservative government and a turn to progressivism. I don’t think that I have seen a conservative agenda that proposes to take this subject on, yet, it is technological change that is having the most impact on the middle class’s lives. Gay marriage isn’t really affecting more than about two percent of the population. Technological disruptions, on the other hand, are leading to the loss of many traditional jobs and the creation of many new jobs for which older employees are ill equipped to respond. Assuming that we maintain creative freedom and personal liberty for another “American Century,” the technological disruptions are likely to increase exponentially. This will lead to further job losses and challenges for our society.

    I doubt very seriously that Muslim jihadis will ever threaten our nation sufficiently to bring about a downturn in or wealth and freedom, but the effect of technology on the middle class could do so in a decade if nothing is done to address the worker’s plight.

    Immigration is just the most visible threat to worker’s wellbeing. It is relatively easy to address immigration if we so desire. Technological change, however, is much tougher. What we do there will determine how successful conservatives are in managing our nation’s future. If we mess that up, conservatives will be consigned to the dustbin and progressives will be given a generation or two to stamp out our technology-based wealth creation through regulation.

    Tom Hall

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