A volunteer effort

Those of us who are political junkies have likely done a sign wave someplace where you gather a few supporters and simply stand in a high-traffic area excitedly promoting your candidate. Normally we do these in front of our headquarters or along U.S. 50 to catch weekend traffic bound for Ocean City.

But this one would be hard to top – 2 1/2 miles along Rockville Pike in Montgomery County, Maryland. Yes, it’s considered a liberal hotbed but in the words of the subject of this excitement, “we concede no ground.”

Campaigns can be interesting things; the stuff lifelong friendships are made of. But one has to ponder how people who have their best interests at heart couldn’t vote for a candidate with a good background of public service as a law enforcement officer and Secret Service agent; a guy whose stance on the issues is a great match for the state in which he lives and who has backers who care enough to get out on a Saturday, spread out along this busy thoroughfare, and express their support.

Ben Cardin can count on his special interest money and perhaps union thugs bused in for the day and given a box lunch to be his Astroturf support base. Rob Sobhani is simply trying to buy votes with 30-second commercials promoting his independence when it sounds like the only thing he’s independent from is a consistent set of principles. Maybe he could hire those few political mercenaries who would sell themselves out to the highest bidder.

Unfortunately, passion and grassroots support don’t always translate into votes, and far too few know who Dan Bongino is at this late hour. But the only way to get that name recognition is to put it out there as much as we can and hope for the best. We have a candidate who qualifies.

One thought on “A volunteer effort”

  1. What a fantastic show of support ! Let us be truthful to each other though and take a look at the most recent poll results. In a year of campaigning, Bongino and his supporters have failed to put a dent into Cardin’s democratic and independent support. The Yougov head to head put it at 54-30. How come ? Bongino and supporter haven’t been able to mount any substantive attacks, resorting to ideological differences rather than doing research and finding stuff like Cardin has voted to increase the debt ceiling 16 times, yet refused to do so under a Republican president, stuff like that. Democrats don’t want school choice, they don’t want medicare vouchers, that’s not how you pull votes, you pull votes by saying that Cardin is a lazy senator and find stats to support it. We are wasting so much of our time attacking Sobhani that we have lost focus of Cardin. Cardin is laughing at us. Sobhani is the only candidate trying to mount an attack on Cardin, why aren’t we helping ourselves by helping him ? Why are we more focused on attacking Sobhani who’s at 14% than Cardin at 54% ? More needs to be done in 2 weeks to refocus on Cardin. At the end of the day though, we have to come to the realization that the only way to get rid of Cardin is to vote, shocker, Sobhani, he’s the only one who’s pulling Democrat and Independent votes. You’ll have to decide, either vote Bongino and allow Cardin to win, or vote against Cardin vote for Sobhani, and get rid of Cardin. Look at the polls, I’m not making anything up. I’d rather have a fiscal conservative socially all over the place like Sobhani than a hardcore far left Cardin again, who by the way in his last term will be even lazier. My take.

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