Where are they now?

I’m hoping this transition will be seamless insofar as overall site appearance goes, but practically simultaneously with this post appearing will be a new page.

For the last several years I’ve taken the occasion of the South Atlantic League All-Star Game to update the whereabouts of the dozens of players I’ve selected as Shorebird of the Week over the six-plus seasons I’ve devoted Thursdays during the season to their respective posts. But now, thanks to the Baseball-Reference website I can track these guys in what could be described as “real enough time,” so I decided to devote a separate page to these players that I’ll keep updated on a somewhat regular basis, maybe twice a month or so.

As of last Sunday, when I wrapped up work on version 1.0 of the page, I found that 63 of 115 previous selections were still playing professional baseball someplace. Needless to say, most of those active players were Shorebirds of the Week over the last two seasons, but there are still a handful from the early days chasing the dream and as of this writing (Monday evening) two were in The Show – David Hermandez (Arizona) and Brandon Snyder (Texas). Another ten have basked in the MLB spotlight – at least briefly, for the proverbial cup of coffee – and are (or will become) members of the Shorebird of the Week Hall of Fame.

So if you’re a Shorebird fan like I am I hope you enjoy the trip down Memory Lane as you recall some of the players who have passed through on the game of life. I know I enjoyed doing the research!

Update: As I always do, I also update how our SAL All-Stars did.

We only had one this year, but Nicky Delmonico certainly showed himself deserving: 2-for-4 with a single, double, and the first two runs scored of the 3-2 North win. With that line, it was no surprise he was the game’s most valuable player!