People to thank: my readers!

Since some bloggers around here put a lot of stock in Alexa rating numbers, I want to thank each and every one of you reading here for jumping my Alexa rank from the 2.6 million range to a six-digit rank in the space of about 3 weeks! As the campaign season has heated up readership has surged. Considering I’m being ranked against ALL sites (not just blogs, but commercial entities, search engines, and the like) that’s pretty good for what would be considered a regional political website for the most part.

This success has also placed me as the top dog (almost) among local bloggers – and if you don’t count the one which makes its living from copying and pasting various “news” items and look at ones which do mostly original writing and analysis then I’m right there. (I’m sure the person in question will have fun with this statement, but it is what it is.)

In the next few days, you will see the first advertisers on the site so things are definitely looking up here at monoblogue. I encourage you to patronize the businesses and look into those candidates who believe this is a good place to spend their advertising dollars. Moreover, there’s other possibilities in the works for this humble website to become better known, too – more details when the time comes.

But it all begins with you, the reader. It’s you who comes back and makes this the success that it is – all I do is try to provide insightful and accurate “news and views from Maryland’s Eastern Shore.” That’s what I’ve done for almost five years and perhaps good things may come to those who wait and work at their craft. In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll be looking for another political news story to write about and share.

Author: Michael

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