Has BlogNetNews met its demise?

If you weren’t aware of this already, I’ve been doing a little bit of pruning around the site.

Back when I did the redesign earlier this year, I kept the two little Blognetnews ranking badges and the search engine icon but placed them down at the bottom of one of my columns. Since I checked the rankings weekly, I noticed my site was ranked last Sunday…but a couple days later the ranking badges had disappeared. (The search engine icon is still there.)

Without going into a detailed explanation of HTML code, those badges remain up as long as the BlogNetNews site is extant. Obviously I was curious to why they disappeared, so I checked a couple times this week. In both instances, what I found was a DNS lookup error -” The address www.blognetnews.com cannot be found” – thus, it appears that the blog aggregator has run its course, or, to give the benefit of a doubt, they’ve had a serious server problem booting them offline. Obviously no one is acting with great speed to fix it – maybe I’m the first to notice?

Perhaps this is an indication that the blogosphere has reached a level of maturity that, while not sounding its death knell, portends a further shakeout. The more hip among us have graduated to Twitter, home of the microscopic attention span and a place where this very sentence is far too long to be remotely Tweetable. (By the way, BNN’s last tweet on their Twitter site was over a month ago.) Meanwhile, the oldline established news sources have simply relocated from the newsprint and broadcast media to the internet.

And while BlogNetNews had a period of growth a few years back, the Maryland edition rarely had more than a few dozen active blogs featured – barely a representative sample of the scope of state blogs. My own little bloglist has nearly as many as they did at the peak and I don’t try all that hard to find new ones.

We in the local blogosphere have had our issues with their so-called rankings, crowing when they were high and complaining when they were too low. But apparently the webgoing public has spoken and BlogNetNews’ ranking among web surfers plunged to the point of being irrelevant, so now BlogNetNews is gone.

Looks like I have a little more pruning to do and extra HTML code to eliminate.

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4 thoughts on “Has BlogNetNews met its demise?”

  1. Ouch! Actually, when he sets his mind to it G.A. has a solid blogsite. Although I am curious…what did editing the site entail beside tossing out an anti-Albero blogger?

  2. Well, that clears things-up for me. Thanks I have been pretty swamped, on the road, and I had switched to Chrome – and I just kept thinking that I could not access BNN because of a transient problem of some sort. Bad internet connection or I transferred the address incorrectly to Chrome or whatever. Then when I was doing some way-overdue maintenance on my site, it finally dawned on me that, oh snap, perhaps BNN had gone away. Duh! In the five or so years I’ve been trying to keep my web site going, I have certainly seen many changes… Oh, your site looks great. Keep up the good work.

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