Observations on the ’emergency House call’

Yesterday I was in Washington, D.C. because Michele Bachmann asked me to be. But I wasn’t the only one there.

And this was just the crowd when we made it there at 11 o'clock, an hour before the rally was slated to begin.

Luckily it was a pleasant November day, but those of us gathered had a purpose – to defend our liberty.

I just liked the shot with the sun shining through the flag.

Tomorrow the House is slated to vote on the Pelosicare bill, better known as H.R. 3962.

I took this photo in the office of Rep. Glenn Thompson, the Congressman I interviewed earlier this week. I guess he better get cracking on reading this!

So tens of thousands of us decided to pay a visit to OUR House and set these people straight. Does this look like Astroturf to you?

I took this shot looking back toward the Washington Monument.

This was taken from the back of the crowd looking toward the Capitol.

And they were freedom-loving Americans.

Passing the American flag overhead gave me an opportunity to take this shot with the Capitol dome in the background.

But unlike a true TEA Party, there was more of a partisan flavor to this event. Not to say that most Republicans aren’t in agreement that Pelosicare is a bad idea, but they certainly take some of the blame for passing other bad bills in the recent past. Here’s one Congressman gladhanding the crowd on my end of the Capitol steps.

I don't know who this is off the top of my head, but he was playing politics.

As the program began, the GOP representatives formed the backdrop for each speaker.

It may be difficult to see in the center of the picture, but the neatly-arranged rows of well-dressed people were the House's Republican caucus.

But the presentation, which featured luminaries like Jon Voight, John Ratzenberger, and crowd favorite Mark Levin, was truly the draw to get people to Washington. Their assignment after the show was over was to visit their representatives on D.C. turf. Most of them heeded that advice.

A line of people waited to get through security at one of the entrances of the Cannon House Office Building.

And a good number of them came just to see our favorite Blue Dog Congressman, Frank Kratovil.

It's a touch blurry with no flash, but you can tell the hallway was full of people urging Frank Kratovil to just say 'no' to Pelosicare.

In truth, most of these people only got to speak to Kratovil’s staff because the House was still in session and voting. Apparently Frank has heard the District and would vote against the bill. He really should heed the advice on this lady’s sign.

Advice for the Blue Dogs.

I’m throwing this shot in because a lot of people wanted to see Levin speak and I happen to agree with this guy’s sign.

I can just see the ProgDel folks calling this guy a 'raaaaaaacist!' I assume the sign refers to President Obama and not Mark Levin.

Yet the mainstream media doesn’t seem to get it yet. Check out where this CBS News reporter set up shop.

I took this shot from the bus as we were arriving at the protest. Hey, come on over where the news is!!

The vote is slated for tomorrow, but storm clouds are gathering over the Capital. This powerful storm has an ETA of November 2, 2010.

As we were leaving, the clouds were gathering and lent themselves to a dramatic shot of the Capitol.

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