McDermott joins the fold

Yeah, this was pretty much the worst-kept secret on the Eastern Shore. But I do see a possible scoop in the release – let’s see if you catch it.

Pocomoke City Mayor, Mike McDermott, will formally announce his candidacy for the Maryland State Legislature at an old-fashioned Eastern Shore BBQ in Snow Hill on Saturday, October 3, 2009.

McDermott, a two-term Mayor of Pocomoke City, will run for the position of State Delegate representing District 38B, which includes all of Worcester County and a major section of Wicomico County.

Mayor McDermott stated, “The anticipated announcement that Michael James will face off against Jim Mathias for Senator Lowell Stoltzfus’ seat means that there will be an open Delegate seat.” The Mayor continued, “I believe that there is a real need in Annapolis for a common sense, Eastern Shore voice. Each year, we sacrifice more freedom, pay more taxes and endure greater governmental control over our daily lives. I am running for State Delegate because I believe we deserve better, and I believe Maryland deserves better.”

Mayor McDermott’s old-fashioned Eastern Shore BBQ will be at Sturgis Park Pavilion along the Pocomoke River in Snow Hill on Saturday, October 3rd from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. There will be a pig roast, pulled chicken and fun for the entire family. More information is available at

Mike began his political career in Pocomoke City where he witnessed partisan politics block common sense ideas, resulting in high taxes and misplaced priorities. Mike stated “Frankly, our community lacked planning and vision for a better tomorrow.” He continued, “In 2004, my friends and family encouraged me to get involved. So I ran for Mayor.”

In just five years as Mayor of Pocomoke City, McDermott has overseen a reduction in corporate and residential taxes, increased the number of jobs and cut crime; and at the same time, improved city services. This past June, Pocomoke City was named an “All-American City Finalist.” “I am most proud that all of this was done with the support of the entire community, including Republicans, Independents and Democrats. I would now like to bring this common sense approach to Annapolis,” said McDermott.

Prior to becoming Mayor, Mike McDermott managed the family poultry farm in nearby Willards and was the Snow Hill Chief of Police. Mike is currently the Commander of the Investigative Division of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office. He has been recognized on numerous occasions for his management style, heroism and actions taken above and beyond the call of duty.

Mike and his wife, Laura, have been married for 27 years and have two adult children. Their son, Nate, will be commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the US Army next May, and their daughter, Amanda, attends Salisbury University.

Mike enjoys the outdoors, fishing and hunting, as well as landscape projects around the house.

I think Laura is going to have quite the long “honey-do” list stacked up over the next year or so.

But we were told that Mike was running for something back in February, it was just a matter of what. And while Mathias had been rumored to be thinking about moving up to the Senate, once longtime Senator Lowell Stoltzfus announced his retirement perhaps it sent the signal to Mathias that he would have an easier road against a candidate he defeated in a four-way race for Delegate in his first run four years ago.

But if Mathias moves up it does leave an open seat and the more vulnerable (based on electoral results) Democrat clinging to the other seat in Norm Conway. And while Conway can point to his leadership on the state’s appropriations committee, his liberal voting record in a conservative district and overall distrust of Democrats coupled with another strong Republican challenger could make District 38B a two-seat pickup for the Maryland GOP.

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  1. Mike McDermott is a smooth talking, self centered individual. He does not have the experience in business to know how one is run. He may be a mayor but then a town of 5000? Comon, what kind of experience is that.

    If you listen to any of his speeches he says a lot of words which , when analyzed, mean nothing. That is not what Maryland needs nor the Republican Party. We need someone in there who can fight for the citizens of Maryland with good common sense that comes from extensive experience not a police officer who is a part time mayor.

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