Election Day 2008 in pictures and text

As promised this evening, a few of the pictures I took yesterday. I haven’t looked around yet (didn’t peruse the local sites today) but I believe some other blog has a picture of me on their site too.

Anyway, this was my home for the day yesterday:

My polling place and also where I worked to get those last-minute mind-changers. I also was a turnout checker for Andy Harris, so every couple hours I'd pop in and see how the numbers were stacking up. The rain you see occurring in the picture was a pretty steady companion, I think there were only a couple fairly brief (about an hour) periods where it didn't rain.

There weren’t a whole lot of signs out for the candidates, either.

I took this picture fairly early on, you'll notice the excessive Democrat signs and few GOP ones. I had that situation rectified by midday thanks to a few very helpful folks who returned with their yard signs. I ended up with about even totals.

Since you see part of the church sign, you can guess the rest:

Who am I to question His will? But like the movie title once said, 'The Gods Must Be Crazy.'

My favorite sticker for the day. It was on one of the few cars actually parked close to where I stood.

All we need is a red magic marker on 'VP 08' and a black Sharpie to write 'President 2012' and we could possibly make that work.

One thing which really disappointed me was having no one else work the poll. Maybe it’s because I’m a veteran of a different area and things are different here, but even in 2006 I had plenty of company – not this year. It’s nothing for me to work a 13 hour shift like this, I did it for a number of years in Ohio. (And yes, I’ve worked some miserably rainy Election Days before, but even colder.)

Speaking of disappointment, that’s what would soon be on a lot of these faces over at the Fountains later that evening:

When I walked in, the room was pretty full - by 11 most of these fine folks had left. Basically when Virginia was called that was the end.

It wasn’t the fault of the woman to the right of this picture. Along with my Central Committee cohort Bob Laun, Bonnie helped put this together and also served as the McCain co-chair with Laun here in Wicomico County.

Mark McIver, local Harris campaign coordinator, addressed us while his wife Hala (left) and Bonnie Luna (right) look on.

But hope springs eternal, as the Young Republicans got their start in 2008 and hopefully will be a force to be reckoned with come 2010. Here’s their President, Mark Biehl.

Mark Biehl of the Lower Shore Young Republicans also made brief remarks.

I want to personally thank the two folks in my last picture for their hard work to get Andy Harris elected – in fact, the work’s not done yet since absentees have to be counted and there could very well need to be a recount after that. We’re down but not out!

Hala and Mark McIver have worked their tails off to get Andy Harris to Congress. Hopefully fortune smiles on us with the absentee ballot count and the REAL candidate - not the flip-flopper - is sent to Washington despite the fact Wicomico County voted against its best interests.

Finally, it’s not a picture but text from Andy Harris:

My parents immigrated to the United States to flee Communism with the hope of a better life for themselves and their children.  Their experience taught me early on to believe in and trust the democratic process in America, where we have a fair and just system of laws in place to make sure every vote cast is counted fairly.

I will work with the County Boards of Elections and Mr. Kratovil’s campaign to make sure that we come to a conclusion quickly, so that we can get back to work for the people of the First District.   I have complete confidence in our election system and the men and women responsible for making sure that the process of counting each vote is fair and straightforward.

Similarly, Frank Kratovil concluded his official release by noting:

The most important thing right now is to make sure all remaining votes are counted; representatives from my campaign will work with the Board of Elections in each county to make sure this process goes smoothly.

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

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  1. As of 7 P.M. Thurs., Kratovil up by almost 1,900 based on tally of about 11,000 absentee ballots in various counties.

    Does anyone recall the lyric for that tune “Slip-Slidin’ Away”?

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