Pictures from the Sarah Palin rally in York, PA

Maria, you’ve done it again. We actually make a pretty darn good team at this.

Miss Ialacci was not only one of the attendees yesterday at Sarah Palin’s appearance in York, Pennsylvania, she was right down in front. So she got some really good photos that she was happy to send to me to share with you.

First of all, let me set the scene for you. The venue was the Toyota Arena in York. Looks like a nice building.

Her venue looks like a nice little arena, maybe similar to the Youth and Civic Center here in Salisbury. They just made money on the naming rights and we haven't taken advantage of that. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

For a woman who supposedly has a 59 percent disapproval rating and is dragging down the McCain campaign, there’s a pretty good line of folks to see her.

Yeah, that Sarah Palin sure is unpopular in York. Did the New York Times or whoever did that poll do it in their editorial board office? Photo by Maria Ialacci.

Maria didn’t get as many sign shots as she did the last time – not that there weren’t a lot of signs, just that a couple of the photos were on the blurry side. (Don’t worry Maria, I toss out a lot of Shorebird pics for that same reason.) I did like this one she got though.

It may be hard to read, but the sign says 'If Mickey Mouse can vote why can't I?' Actually I'm sure some ACORN volunteer would sign him up - it's happened before. Can anyone say RICO case? The photo also shows that even Paulbots like Sarah Palin. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

Once inside the arena, there was a nod to the holiday which was occurring. I have two photos, one which includes part of the backdrop and the other being more of a close-up of the pumpkins.

Pretty festive, don't you think? Wonder what happened to the large sign afterwards? Photo by Maria Ialacci.

Some of my friends on the left may call John and Sarah pumpkinheads but here they're heads on pumpkins. There are people in this world with WAY too much time on their hands, but their efforts won't go unappreciated here. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

As is often the case with these events, the gates open far earlier than any speaker is scheduled. So there’s entertainment of some sort prior to the introductions and remarks.

In this case, 'Country First' wasn't just a slogan but the order of entertainment. Actually, Maria captioned this as a bluegrass band but it's close enough for the play on words. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

The one thing I will say about the Obama campaign is that they probably have music more to my liking at their events. But I came of age in an era which featured both a great Republican President and great hard rock bands, so what can I say?

After the music, you had a series of speakers. Maria had snapped a shot of Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Tom Corbett (one I didn’t use) and the camera timer showed 2:36 p.m. At 4:25 p.m. here’s former Governor (and a man considered for Palin’s slot) Tom Ridge introducing Governor Palin.

Former Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Ridge served as the final preliminary speaker before the Palins came on stage. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

You’ll hopefully notice in the photo caption above that I said “Palins.” Coming along for this particular appearance were husband Todd and daughter Piper.

Todd looks somewhat amused by the proceedings but I think Piper is a little less excited. She probably had a lot more fun passing out candy, but Piper wears the princess costume well. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

As you can tell by the last photo, Maria was far from the only photographer there. Also, let me tell you that Todd and Piper were a little more pleased in the next photo. Just like the rally, I’ve done the preliminaries and here’s the lady you’ve all been waiting for!

Sarah Palin at the podium, with Todd and Piper standing to her right. And it's not just the person with the sign in the background, Sarah Palin rocks my socks too. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

I think Todd liked whatever was said better than Piper. You gotta like kids, they're fun. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

Since we all know that Sarah Palin can do this without a teleprompter, it's a bit surprising she has to look at her notes once in awhile. I think she ad-libs the best zingers though. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

Now that's a pretty good shot of your next Vice-President. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

When I spoke to Maria last night, she was really thrilled about how things went. She got to shake “the First Dude’s” hand (I had to remind her that he would be the “Second Dude” but no matter) and she also got a photo of Sarah that someone had given her earlier autographed. In fact, you can tell Governor Palin enjoyed meeting a few lucky patrons.

Sarah and Todd didn't just pack up and leave, they hung around with their supporters for a little while afterward. Photo by Maria Ialacci.

So if you see the young lady below at a GOP function before I do, give her my thanks for being places I couldn’t necessarily be.

It's interesting that they use crime scene tape. The biggest crime would be if the McCain/Palin ticket isn't elected on Tuesday. Photographer unknown, photo couresy of Maria Ialacci.

And Governor Palin, should you become Vice-President Palin, the folks around here would welcome you with open arms. It’s time to start building Maryland into a state worthy of visiting on the campaign by building our party.

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  2. Michael,

    If you noticed on the photo with the kid with the Mickey Mouse sign and Halloween costume. There’s a Ron Paul supporter. He was kicked out the venue by the organizer. Everyone was yelling and screaming at him. All the attendees were delighted when he was banished. I was talking with the folks from southern Virginia today at our lunchbreak and told them about this event. They were very excited that I was there. Anyhow, I am exhausted from helping out in our friends in the South. Let’s hope all the efforts weren’t for naught.

  3. Yeah, I noticed that Maria, but I didn’t know he was booted out. That pretty much sucks, although since he was causing a disturbance I can see their point in ejecting him.

    By the way, “Ken Burns”, with your tone of comments you’re going to keep getting them rejected. I’m tolerant of a lot of viewpoints but I will NOT accept either the implied racism or the personal attacks you’re putting up. Until you learn to advance the conversation, you’ll keep being rejected. And yes, I have your IP address too.

  4. “Everyone was yelling and screaming at him. All the attendees were delighted when he was banished.”
    Ahh, yes, let’s celebrate the end of the First Amendment!

  5. Glenda,

    Thanks for the compliment. At least both of us can agree to disagree about our political views and still respect each other. It is too bad that many people take politics too personal.

  6. Well Sarah, Let’s hope you will consider running in 2012. Your campaign should have gotten out there more. Sarah God Bless You for what you have done for the GOP base and for our country.

  7. actually i like Sarah Palin very much. she is a very good role model for all women. i believe that she is a great politician and did something very well in Alaska.

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