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It came to my attention that yet another organization is looking for help spreading the word in the blogosphere. Naturally, is a product of the National Taxpayers Union, a group that also rates Congressmen on how “taxpayer-friendly” they are. (Out of Maryland’s delegation, only Roscoe Bartlett has a grade above C with a B+ while Wayne Gilchrest has a D and the eight Democrats all graded an F. Delaware’s Mike Castle picked up a C- while both Senators also garnered F’s.)

As they say, “NTU is making a signature effort for this fall, and we’re committing significant resources toward getting the word out about the site. We hope you’ll join us in this effort.” Well, folks, I’m going to give it a shot here in my little corner of the country – something tells me most people about these parts will agree with you.

As you’ve probably read here if you’re not a first-time visitor, I’m all for lowering the tax burden on all of us, with a corresponding reduction in the size and scope of government. The NTU also points out as I do that the tax code as it stands also keeps thousands of lobbyists busy angling to adjust the tax code to serve their own special interests. They’re even doing a questionnaire for 2008 Congressional candidates, hopefully every candidate within my reach will fill one out and inform the voters about their taxation stance.

Government Bytes blogger Kristina Rasmussen chimes in:

The election this November will be extremely important. In it, we’ll choose the officials who will control the public purse strings. Many candidates would try to stuff that purse with more of your hard-earned dollars. If you’re sick of the same old tax-and-spend mentality, then you need to let your politicians know it!

If that name sounds familiar, Rasmussen also sent me an announcement about the 2007 NTU ratings I cited above. So I’m happy to spread the word about this organization when I see the opportunity to do so. As they say, I don’t vote for tax hikers.

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