Gilchrest picks up a couple heavy hitters

When I was invited to be a contributor to Red Maryland and began crossposting, I was making an effort to get a wider audience and possibly more leads for keeping voters informed. That paid off today via a comment there about my article discussing John Leo Walter’s withdrawal from the First District race. In that post I didn’t discuss the other big announcement from Harris’s side about his endorsement by the Washington Times; however, seeing that the Times only serves a small portion of the First District, maybe that’s not something locals get terribly excited about.

Something that locals may not get terribly excited about either but could make a difference in the contest is the news that this unknown commenter on my Red Maryland post alerted me to, a article by Michael Teitelbaum announcing a January Gilchrest fundraiser hosted by Newt Gingrich and special guest Michael Steele. (I notice on his GOPAC calendar Steele is slated to appear at a January 17 Annapolis fundraiser. Perhaps this is the event in question?) Obviously Gilchrest is using some of his Congressional clout to snare Gingrich, who at first glance would not seem to be a ideological mate of Wayne’s. But Newt has been known to team up with those who might be considered political enemies before, such as his health care dalliance with Hillary Clinton a couple years back. As for Steele, the logic in his appearance escapes me with the exception of his GOPAC connection with Gingrich (who also chaired the organization.) It’s noteworthy that he’s lending his name to the opponent of Bob Ehrlich’s chosen candidate, Andy Harris.

Either way, this does give Gilchrest the opportunity to be pictured with prominent figures in both Maryland and national Republican Party politics. Don’t be too shocked if we get a full-color mailing toward the end of January featuring the smiling Steele, Gingrich, and Gilchrest with a message about Wayne’s toughness on taxes and illegal immigration.

It’s just another indication of the stakes that are being placed on what’s turning out to be one of the highest-profile Congressional races in the country, right here on the lil’ ole Eastern Shore.

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