Placing our demands

Had an interesting e-mail over the weekend and I have to hand it to Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee for thinking out of the box.

Huckabee hit upon a novel idea I hadn’t heard about by using the Eventful website to “demand” Huckabee make a campaign appearance. So I went ahead and did it. While frequent readers know that I endorsed Duncan Hunter, I also recommended Mike Huckabee as another of my top-tier candidates.

Once there are three “demands” for Huckabee in a particular location, they’re added to his map. Right now in Maryland only the DC area, Baltimore, Waldorf, and Annapolis are represented so I’d like to get some additional support from Salisbury and the Eastern Shore. After all, why would Huckabee want to go to Democrat territory when he can come here?

So give it a shot; hell, make up an e-mail address if you want, half my commentors do. Let’s see if we can get some love from the Presidential race here.

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5 thoughts on “Placing our demands”

  1. Michael, not sure if you or others caught the “Values Voter Debate” last night, but Mike Huckabee blew everyone (that attended) away. There were 4 no-shows… Rudy, Mitt, Fred and John.

    I would have considered Duncan Hunter 2nd, though others placed ahead of him.

    Mike Huckabee is my clear favorite for 2008.

    B.J. Corbin


    Here are the official results of the straw poll conducted before and then immediately after the Values Voter debate. The poll included 340 delegates hand-selected by 40 of America’s social conservative
    activists and opinion makers. Pre-debate numbers are located in the parenthesis and the post debate numbers immediately follow the colon.

    Mike Huckabee: 219 (119) Clear Winner with 63%
    Ron Paul: 44 (53)
    Alan Keyes: 24 (30)
    Sam Brownback: 18 (26)
    Fred Thompson: 15 (52)
    Duncan Hunter: 13 (8)
    Tom Tancredo: 7 (8)
    Rudy Guiliani: 4 (16)
    John Cox: 2 (1)
    John McCain: 2 (13)
    Mitt Romney: 0 (14)

  3. i have always liked huckabee since his ‘tax me more fund’ for those insisting on raising taxes… ‘ they can always pay more… voluntarily… but no one did…

    his pushing the fair tax is also a plus for me.

    unfortunately, both parties are moved by media attention to the front runners…

    tom taylor

  4. Hey B.J.! Huckabee’s my first choice too. I’ve even donated. I hope Republicans in MD and the entire country realize that they can have a true conservative that can also govern and actually put two sentences together without a speech writer. Go Huckabee!

  5. NaSCAR and NHRA Dads and Moms need to take a serious look at Duncan Hunter. He is the ONLY candidate to have EVER stood up for motorsports and automotive enthusiasts. Hunter singlehandedly fought off the SIERRA CLUB and other environmentalists to protect 4×4 and 4 wheelers and their recreation at the Imperial Sand Dunes in CA. Hunter supports drilling and refining oil and gas in the US to reduce foreign dependence and opposes mandated alternative fuels and heavy restrictions on cars and trucks.
    Hunter is the NASCAR and NHRA candidate.
    Vote HUNTER08

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