2020 gubernatorial dossier: Social Issues

This is the second part of a series taking a deeper dive into various important topics in the 2020 Delaware gubernatorial election. On the 100-point scale I am using to grade candidates, social issues are worth 8 points.

Eventually these will normally be presented in a randomized order, but for now I have only one Republican who has made these an issue.

Delaware has a reputation as a “blue” state, and as such they have embraced two things that are wrong with our culture: abortion and same-sex “marriage.” While the federal courts have now spoken on both subjects, wresting control of these away from the states where it properly belongs, there is one candidate among the Republicans who is not shy about making his views known, thus getting an early lead in my endorsement contest.

So Senator Bryant Richardson has included these on his platform:

Value of Life Restoration Act: A commitment to protect life from conception to natural death, including support for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act and opposition to physician-assisted suicide.

Family Reinforcement Act: A commitment to protect the Delaware family as the foundation of civil society by promoting laws that support the family unit. Our laws should encourage couples to stay together and help create a healthy environment for raising children.

Religious Liberty Protection Act: A commitment to freedom of religion and informed conscience. I support the freedom of Delawareans to act in accordance with their religious beliefs and the will of God. Government is constitutionally prohibited from policing or censoring speech based on religious convictions.

My Women’s Ultrasound Right to Know Act would require doctors to offer mothers the opportunity to view their unborn child through an ultrasound, before making a decision about abortion. Women would not be required to view the images. This bill did not make it out of committee, but I will try again.

Platform of Bryant Richardson for Governor

Point by point there’s not much to quibble about, as it is one of the more comprehensive looks at this portion of the three-legged conservative stool to come about in awhile.

However, I would like to know if Bryant supports the death penalty. In theory he should be opposed to it given his Value of Life statement, which is why I’m not that broad. It may be sinful pride, but I do believe people can (and do) forfeit their right to life when they commit heinous crimes.

I also need more specifics on the Family Reinforcement plank; however, I would agree with the main purpose. Government should put themselves in a position where families don’t need to have both parents working.

I’m definitely good with the Religious Liberty Act, although I can see one or two possible drawbacks some may take advantage of. There was an issue last year with the Satanists wishing to have their solstice celebration in the Georgetown circle next to the Nativity scene, although the two groups did not clash. So how far will that go?

The Ultrasound Act will never make it out of committee in Delaware unless and until it gets a conservative majority. Democrats have made a sacrament out of abortion, so that bill will be perpetually opposed by the Planned Parenthood/NARAL lobby.

I’d love to know how the others in the field would stack up to this, but I suspect most wouldn’t touch the subject with a ten-foot pole because they’re being advised to avoid social issues. That’s not my advice, though: as always, make the case as to why it’s in the recipient’s advantage to have these laws.

More people join the fray on my next part, which covers law enforcement and the judicial system.

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