Today is the day

Well, I didn’t win my election. But there’s another place I can be a winner with your help.

There are a number of bloggers competing for prizes in a contest sponsored by Troopathon 7, which goes online tonight. (Later this afternoon I will set up a live feed as I have done before.) Sorry, no live feed. I got home much later than I thought.

I found out last night that this humble blog is in fifth place overall, neck-and-neck with Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs, and I’m not all that far out of the lead. So if you want to help out me and a good cause, donate through the box on the right-hand side of the page (it accrues to my score.) With some help I can win this thing.

5 thoughts on “Today is the day”

  1. michael,

    i am sorry to hear your bid for central committee came up short, but you my friend are a true asset to the republic and the republic’s cause. i intentionally do not use republican, because more and more i see the melding of political parties to the detriment of the people.

    sour grapes? perhaps.

  2. I didn’t get as many votes as the top nine? Honestly, I don’t know – there’s such a big difference between 9th and 10th this time that I just figure people had their minds made up with the people whose names they knew. Two of those new people who beat me are local physicians and the other ran for Delegate in 2010.

    It is what it is.

  3. Mikey,

    Them old white fools didn’t vote for you; the smartest head in the room. Don’t worry, because come November Orlando is gonna post a I todaso when Brown wins the election.

  4. Nothing says “We care about the future of the party” like dumping a nationally-recognized blogger in favor of “some guy I know”. =\

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