The font of wisdom

It’s always fun to needle the opposition a little bit. So yesterday I got an e-mail from Americans for Prosperity which didn’t say anything particularly new, but made its point in a fairly familiar font. (The Obama campaign generally used a font called Gotham, which appears to the choice of AFP as well.)

To me, it’s little details like that which make a difference. Sure, we all know that Obamacare is a dog and the guy pretty much lied through his teeth to get it passed. Obviously this appeal is targeted to look a little like something from Obama, and although I have no idea how large and extensive the AFP mailing list is, it will invariably catch a few who still believe in “hope and change” among them. The appeal leads to a contact form from AFP which also reads:

The rollout of ObamaCare’s insurance exchanges only confirmed what many Americans knew all along: the President’s health care law is a monumental failure. Instead of bringing Americans peace of mind about the cost and quality of their health care plans, ObamaCare has wreaked havoc on the lives of people across the country by leading to cancelled plans, rising premiums, and lost access to trusted doctors.

The President and his allies in Congress have said that the health care debate is over, but millions of Americans continue to suffer from ObamaCare’s harmful impact.

I think it’s a bit dated, but I suppose it can still be effective.