Friday night videos – episode 77

This is sort of a tribute to a staple of summer: the TV rerun. The videos I’m featuring this week are the same as I used in an episode from July 8, 2011.


Let’s begin with this up-and-coming group of young whippersnappers caught on Live Lixx the other day. They’re known as Hot Sauce Sandwich.

They’ve been playing around the area and seem to be embarking on a familiar route as they work hard to get their name out. Consider this a little more help.

I really like these guys, and Not My Own is beginning to become a little more of a regional band. This was recorded in New Jersey a few weeks back – it’s a song I’ve featured before but in a new venue.

I don’t doubt they’re working on new material, too. It will be interesting to see when they have a full-length formal release.

The other day I was listening to this CD and wondered if the Baltimore-based Se7enth Seal had any videos on YouTube. Well, here’s one of their song ‘Isomorph.’

Haven’t heard much from them of late, but they just may run in different circles.

This is something else I happened to toss into my CD player this week. Hey, I’m on the road quite a bit. It comes from Woodstok Nation.

I recorded that way back at the tail end of 2009 and I think I’ve used it before somewhere down the line. But it’s still pretty good.

Another underrated local band which does originals and that I like to feature on occasion is Lime Green. This one is ‘Psychadelic Dream.’

I recorded this last month at Third Friday. And Kim just wanted me to record a couple songs because she had to leave early – little did she know.

By the way, this month’s Third Friday is next week. Not sure who’s playing, though.


It was fun and easy to put that together! Next week I’ll return with some newer stuff. Until then, keep rockin’ the summer!