The terror is not over, folks

From the sounds of a wild last few minutes of the 2012 General Assembly Session, we have a budget without the means to pay for it. Fortunately for the state, it wouldn’t take effect until July 1 so it’s extremely likely we will have a Special Session called by Governor O’Malley.

The state had 90 days to get this done – and they failed. But we have the distinct possibility of gay marriage and we ratified the 17th Amendment nearly 100 years after passage. Way to go, guys…that’s the leadership we deserve I guess for voting so poorly all these years.

I’ll surely have more reaction in the morning.

Update: First out of the chute, Delegate Nic Kipke:

In unprecedented action the House stands adjourned Sine Die and the Senate stands adjourned Sine Die. Hundreds of bills did not pass including all of the tax increases! The people have won a huge battle! Now Governor O’Malley will have to call a special session to raise taxes on Marylanders giving you another chance to contact your elected officials to voice your concerns.

Update 2: Delegate Donna Stifler’s reaction:

WOW!!! Worst sine die since I’ve been down here. No balloons and confetti this year. Never seen anything like what I saw tonight. Rules changing to fit results, people not being allowed to speak, just unreal. Glad to be done. Or at least until the Governor calls a special session so we can finish.

The “mainstream” media weighs in: Washington Post and Baltimore Sun. Maryland Reporter also has their take.

It sounds to me like the state has a budget, but one just not as large and laden with tax and revenue increases as they would like. If so, it seems like there is no need for a Special Session because the so-called “doomsday” budget (which, if it’s $500 million less than proposed, is STILL larger than last year’s) is balanced and approved. Governor O’Malley cannot veto a budget, by state law.

But it’s most likely that a Special Session will be called because we know better than to think Martin O’Malley will leave Democrat leadership hanging out to dry in this state. They both have something the other wants: O’Malley makes the Democratic leadership relevant as they jockey for position in a post-O’Malley political landscape and the Democrats have the power to make this state into the liberal Potemkin village the governor wants to show for his 2016 Presidential bid. For example, O’Malley probably has no use for the gay population of Maryland aside from their votes, but gay marriage is one of those progressive issues he has to show “leadership” on to be a national Democratic contender, sort of like being pro-abortion became required for national Democrats a couple decades back.

Update 3: Delegate Michael Smigiel calls out the “doomsday” misnomer:

I need the help of everyone who reads or posts on this site. I need you to call the media, radio, TV and newspapers around the State and make sure they stop reporting the “Doomsday Budget” means “deep cuts in services”. The simple fact is the “Doomsday Budget is $ 400 million more than last year’s budget. How can cuts be necessary when you grew the size of the budget by 400 million dollars? O’Malley is trying to spin this as some great tragedy for entitlements and education. It is an opportunity to show fiscal restraint and responsibility.

Because, Michael, the spoiled child Martin O’Malley and his special interest buddies didn’t get all the wealth redistribution they wanted. In the end, it’s not really about how much is spent and raised, it’s all about power. If they hold the money and they get to decide what to do with it, that’s a huge ego trip which can’t be replicated if We the People control our own purse strings and spend as we see fit. Don’t ever forget it.

Update 4: The pithy Maryland Democratic response:

Only (Maryland Republicans) would gloat over the prospect of firing teachers and police officers.

Prove it. And let’s not forget exactly who could have passed anything they wanted because they have enough of a majority to do so. Sorry, Democrats, you OWN this mess but I don’t foresee you taking any steps to clean it up soon because it will give you a convenient excuse to blame Republicans. That narrative doesn’t play here.

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5 thoughts on “The terror is not over, folks”

  1. What’s the probability that O’Malley will also use a special session to try to shove through some new bill aimed at an end run around the Woollard decision?

    They managed to put together HB 579 in short order after the court struck down the shall-issue concealed weapons permit “system.”

    Or is there some rule that dictates that a special session is limited only to certain matters when it’s convened?

  2. Insofar as I know, there is no limit to what can be done in a special session. But there’s generally not a lot of other business attempted during the period because most of the members of the General Assembly don’t want to spend any more time than they have to.

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