Walking back an error

You may have noticed that I stopped updating my personal Presidential selection process. Well, there was a reason for that.

In thinking about this, the problem with doing posts by topic is that I can’t account for comings and goings into the race – my posts had plenty to say about Tim Pawlenty but he dropped out; conversely, I haven’t made mention of Rick Perry. Over the next few days I’m going to rectify this, and it may make things a little easier on me and improve the posts as an added bonus.

In addition to my regular posts, I’ll be adding a ‘dossier’ series detailing the top Republican and Democratic candidates (in essence, those I already link to.) Obviously this will be a thumbnail look at how I see them since I also link to their campaign websites, but this can give insight on issues I feel are important as well.

And instead of doing them in alphabetical order, I’m going to do them more or less in polling order from lowest to highest – some of these candidates aren’t necessarily represented on most polls.

Yes, I’ll admit it – I screwed up by doing this the way I did it originally. But in creating a dossier I can make these posts all about one candidate and lead people into doing more research on them, plus it gives me the flexibility to add any new candidates eventually.

I think this will make the posts more readable, and that’s the goal. Look for them over the next few weeks.

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2 thoughts on “Walking back an error”

  1. I confess, after reading the first article, I decided I’d wait until you were done to read it all at once and look at the big picture. Candidate by candidate sounds better, and starting with the front runners may spare you writing about people who are going to drop out by October.

  2. Actually, I’m beginning with the bottom feeders because, indeed, they may be out by October. I think working up the polls may work to introduce some to candidates who may be a good fit for them.

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